Monday, December 22, 2008

T-Dizzle's Sunday

Yesterday it was freezing here in Iowa. Of course yesterday was the day for my daughters birthday party. T-Dizzle took eight teenagers to the Iowa State vs University of Minnesota woman's basketball game. Prior to yesterday I'd never heard the Kate Perry song; well now T-Diz knows the words. I must have heard it twelve times and every time I had eight girls singing and dancing in the minivan. To be honest with you it was kind of funny and I started to wonder if I was that obnoxiously happy at that age?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

TDizzle is feeling a little old

Today my oldest daughter turns fourteen. Man it makes you feel old; she is going to be a freshman in high school and the worst part is I remember what I was like as a fourteen old and I can't imagine that boys have changed much in the past twenty three years.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Bulls are bad

I am fortunate enough to only be able to listen to the Bulls games lately. Because if I had to watch this I may puke. The ONLY bright spot is Derrick Rose, I wish Tyrus Thomas would come around. We need to get rid of Gordon, Noah and Gooden now! I am almost thankful that the games have not been televised by my cable provider

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving is coming

I was out surfing the net today and one of my favorite sites; Holy Taco had an awesome post on the seven worst Thanksgiving guests. It was hilarious; I know I will see a couple of these this Thursday.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Man the Bulls are BAD!

Where do I begin? Noah bad, Tyrus lazy and bad, Larry Hughes cry baby, BG7 shooting everything and gad, Aaron Gray does not belong in the league. Did I miss anyone? Vinny Del Negro clueless!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Man this weekend sucked!

First off the Boilermakers lost to Iowa. Living among Hawkeye fans I heard about this; repeatedly. Then my current team, the Iowa State Cyclones were blown out by Missouri. However the Big 12 is awesome this year and they did play better than I expected. The Bulls won however the Bears didn't even bother showing up; against the freaking Packers! If you only show up for two games a year it better be against the Packers! Oh well.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's been busy around here

Well the election is over and history was made last week. I had to reluctantly move on to my accounting project; which is now complete. So onto the Bulls. For some reason another the Bulls have not been televised by my cable provider and it sounds like I am not missing much. I am really tired of Joakim Noah and Tyrus Thomas has been bad too. Is it too early to hope for the number one pick this year too?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A witness to history

I woke up this morning and I had a weird feeling. It was a feeling that I am going to witness history today; we may be electing our first African-American president or the first female vice president of the United States. It is a weird somber mood as we open the books on a new era and close the books on the Bush era. How will we view Bush? Will the Obama/McCain era be any better? Time will tell

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is the beginning of the Rose era!

The game was not televised by my cable provider but from what I heard on the radio it sounds like we have a point guard! I am praying that he can do for the Bulls what Chris Paul and Deron Williams do for the Hornets and the Jazz. I want to see how he does on Friday versus the Celtics before we start our all star campaign but I am sure the more time he is on the floor the better we will be!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You got to blame it on something, Blame it on the rain

This is post is going to cover a couple topics. First off I know it is another Milli Vanilli themed post so I will start with this being the song of the week. How did I come to this? Other than my love of 80's music my two Chicago teams were bounced out of the playoffs, the Sox I initially picked to finish third in the division so when they made the playoffs I was surprised. The Cubs, if you listened to their ass clown fans, were supposed to be opening against the Rays tomorrow. I did pick them to be first round exits this year and last but that is besides the point, this was supposed to be their year. Oh well.

On the college football front my Alma mater, Purdue, is not doing very well this year. My current institution, Iowa State University seems to have gotten their wins out of the way early this year anyway I give you Milli Vanilli because you have to blame it on something, blame it on the rain!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Juice has been squeezed!

I hate to say this but people in this country were not going to be happy until OJ Simpson was is jail. It has been thirteen years since his acquittal on double murder charges and ever since then the target has been on his back. I am surprised he in not on death row for J walking or a parking meter violation. Only in America can you be found not guilty of murder and then have the bereaved family sue you for monetary damages for the wrongful death of the people involved. There is a special place in hell for people like Fred Goldman and his family. No matter what happens to OJ he will always be one of the great running backs in football history; that is unless Fred Goldman sues the NFL to have this taken away from him too.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Big weekend in Chicagoland sports

First off not to toot my horn but I predicted the Cubs losing the the first round two years in a row! Last year I predicted the sweep I almost did that again but I gave the Cubs the benefit of a doubt and thought they would win one game. This will not deter the fans they will be there next year to watch them collapse, 100 years and counting.

Second thank you to the Sox now go out and win another game today!

Third I guess I should have had more faith in the Bears, Kyle went out there and aired it out against the Lions. We will see how they do against the Vikings.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Random thoughts and and the song of the week

This morning I was driving to work when I realized that summer was over and the leaves were changing. While I enjoy this time of year I do miss summertime.

This weeks song is Summertime by Will Smith. The last couple of nights I've been watching VH-1's 100 best Hip Hop songs; some of this has made me feel old. So much for the nostalgia on to other things

1. The Cubs are through. You can tell they are beaten. So much for Jim Belushi making an ass out of himself at the rally.
2. The Sox still have a chance today and I believe they will come home to Sweet Home Chicago even at one.
3. Tonight TDizzle has to go and watch the oldest dizzette march with the high school band. I really feel sorry for band members who have to show all of this fake school spirit.
4. I am picking the Bears by seven this week over the Lions.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

NLDS prediction

I know the game is on and I've not seen any of it but I am predicting the Dodgers in four. Big Z has not been good lately and I think the Dodgers are better suited for this short series. We will see.

Thank you

Suck it Minnesota! I can't believe it now on to Tampa! My prediction is the Sox in five.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Please White Sox

Beat the freakin Twins tonight! I know I've not always had the most confidence in you this year but please, Ozzie please keep Junior out of the lineup. This is the game of your life John Danks go out there and give it to them! Then on to Tampa to dispense with the Rays!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Way to go Kyle

From one Boilermaker to another good job, I was excited to see you come out throwing in the first quarter and go to Greg Olsen in the first quarter. You reminded me of your days in the Black and Old Gold. I think last nights performance went a long way to silence the critics. Maybe you can make your way to the South Side and let some of your luck rub off on the beloved White Sox.

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's a tragedy for me to see the dream is over 2

I need to find another song lyric to express myself but damn White Sox! I really think if they miss the playoffs Ozzie will be gone and that is a shame. He needed help at the trade deadline and who do we get? The ghost of Ken Griffey jr sad. At least the Cubs will be in the playoffs next week.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What the hell are you guys doing??????????

WTF are you doing? Why is Junior in center field in the Metrodome? Javy Vasquez sucks! If we continue like this we deserve to go home next week.

Friday, September 19, 2008

80's Song of the Week.

I LOVE 80's music! Yes that is sad I will admit it. However I decided that I was going to start having a song of the week and for the inaugural song we have Milli Vanilli! They are the only band who's lyrics have been the title of a post on this blog so I felt I owed it to them, I actually own/owned this album and I admit to liking them as well.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am really growing tired of politics.

I follow politics, not quite fanatical but not casually either; however I am growing tired of this presidential election and it's political rhetoric. It has been going on for the better part of two years and I am burned out. I have some conservative beliefs on some issues and more liberal on other issues. I am a registered Independent and I plan to stay this way. Why do you ask? Because the far right scares me, we've seen our civil liberties tromped on in the name of keeping us safe, we are spending a ton of money in Iraq not only for the war but to contractors who have little to no regard for the people of that country. My friend Mike who has worked in Iraq and he had nothing positive to say about the likes of Blackwater. However the left scares me too. It is not the governments job to be a safety net for people or provide every need to them and that we should defer issues of security to a world body. I am basically a man without a party. I feel like burying my head in the sand and pull it out Wednesday November 5th.

Friday, September 12, 2008

I was wrong about the Bears

I was really surprised by the outcome of this game. Peyton Manning was definitely off this week and I'll hand it to the Bears they looked pretty good. I refuse to go as far and say this made up for the Super Bowl, that is idiotic the goal of every season it to win the Super Bowl. This week we go up against the Carolina Panthers, Steve Smith is out serving a suspension which is good because he torched us in the 2005 Playoffs. I am going to go with the Bears by 7.

On to baseball; the Cubs are in a slump. Harden looked good last night however I am wondering how much confidence Lou has in the bullpen. However even with the Cubs losing the Brewers are not helping themselves. I believe that after the Houston series the Cubs host the Brewers so it could get interesting. The Sox need to get it in gear, they have a couple of big series coming up and Contreras is still on the shelf, Konerko is down, Quentin is down too and the Twins are not going away. I hate to say it but the south siders luck may have run out

Friday, September 5, 2008

Football season starts!

This Sunday night on national TV the Bears open up against their Super Bowl rival the Indianapolis Colts! I have not seen a ton of the Bears in the preseason but what I did see I was happy with. However they are going up against Peyton Manning, who happens to be my oldest daughters favorite player and team. So much so that our puppy is named after him. The Colts are also her Madden team as well when we play. I hope that the Bears come out run the ball, protect Orton so he has time to let the play develop and make some plays. I am tired of hearing about Kyle Orton the game manager, when he was at our fair alma mater he was more of a gunslinger. I want to see him go out and spread the field, at least until Manning hits the field and destroys our defense. I hate to do this but my pick is Indianapolis by 14.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cubs lose four in a row

Is it time to worry? They've dropped four and Big Z is going to see the doctor today. This makes you wonder about his health for the playoffs not to mention that Rich Harden has been pushed back a start. What does this do for your World Series aspirations? Right now the Brewers lead the wild card and Arizona leads the NL West, do you want to face the D-Backs is a short series? Remember last year? Brandon Webb, Dan Haren and Randy Johnson could be hell in the three of five especially since the Cubs have never beat Johnson.

Now Sox fans you are not exempt from criticism here. All Star third baseman Joe Crede had to leave the game and your MVP candidate Carlos Quentin is sitting with a sore forearm and believe it or not Junior has a sore back! We need to win these games because the Twins are on a hell of a road trip that could make or break them. Wake up and play!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Political thoughts

I've not said anything about the election lately and the big news has been Obama's selection of Joe Biden as his running mate. I actually liked Biden when he was running for president. I felt he was the most qualified of the Democratic candidates however sometimes qualified does not win an election. However he has been in Congress for over thirty years and I thought that Obama's campaign was about change? Biden is a Washington insider, not that McCain isn't but I thought that Obama was change we could believe in, instead it is status quo and do whatever it takes to win. For the record I've not decided who I am voting for in November.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Kyle Orton looked pretty good last night

I was pleasantly surprised by my fellow Boilermaker last night. Orton completed 10 of 17 last night for 147 yards and no interceptions. He seemed composed in the pocket and very comfortable with Rashied Davis whom he hit for two touchdown passes. On the flip side the defense was less than stellar. They missed too many tackles which allowed San Francisco to march up and down the field with impunity. Normally the defense of this team is what carries them but last night they were better offensively. Now to special teams, Daniel Manning looked awesome returning kicks last night. This is important because teams are going to go out of their way to avoid kicking to Devan Hester. But Manning gave them the short field to operate on as well. I am not so worried about the Browns next week I am more concerned about week one vs. Indy

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random thoughts

A couple of things have hit me the last week of so. First off the people I work with are pissed that Shawn Johnson did not won a gold medal in the all around or floor exercise. One of the women has been screaming racism and sexism, which I think is odd but if this woman was not bitching she would not be happy. I put the blame on the Iowa State Fair and the Des Moines Register , they cast her as a butter sculpture for the state fair. People in Iowa love the state fair, it is their celebration of the mediocrity that is Iowa. I've lived in Iowa for four years and people here are shocked I've never been to the state fair. It just does not seem appealing to me.

The White Sox are a game up on the Twins! The Twins got to Anaheim to face the Angels later this week and then they will have another road trip while the Republican Convention is in Minneapolis so hopefully this will be the beginning of the end for them.

The Bears have named Kyle Orton as their starting QB. As a Purdue Alumnus I feel like I should back Orton but I think he is going to get killed behind this revolving door of an offensive line. No quarterback will thrive under those conditions.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sometimes it is rough

I have a hard time sometimes coming up with things to write about; Jay Smooth at Ill Doctrine refers to this on his blog as a little hater. Earlier this week I was on Cracked and saw this picture.

My first thought was this guy is from Iowa, then I began to wonder is this guy a innovator or an idiot? You decide

Monday, August 4, 2008

Damn White Sox!

The trade for Junior confused me. You have a glut of corner outfielders in Dye, Swisher, Quentin and now you add Griffey, bench Konerko and ignore the fact that your pitching staff is collapsing. Now the Twins have moved into first place and the Tigers are coming to town. Maybe they will end up in third place like I predicted. I hate to say that but we need to turn this around.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bulls resign Deng

I was relieved to read that the sides came to terms on this contract, I think that he will be a much better player this year with the contract behind him. I hope he can become the slashing wingman we've hoped for. Does he have potential to become an all-star? I think so but remember who else plays in the Eastern Conference you have LeBron, and Paul Pierce, Tayshun Prince to name a few who will garner more all-star support than Deng unless he begins to produce. Where does this leave Ben Gordon? I think that Gordon is a good sixth man but he believes he is a starter and should be the highest paid player on this team. I am hoping that they don't let him go for nothing but unless they can work a sign and trade to someone in the market for an undersized shooting guard who does not play defense. Somehow I don't see that happening.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am not worried

It's only one loss to the Twins we can get off the ledge. The Twins will not be there at the end of the year. That being said our bats need to wake up and we need to take care of business in Minneapolis and put some distance between us the Twins and the Tigers. Go Sox

IT rant of the week

I've not done one of these in a while so here we go. We've had a catastrophic e-mail failure here in the IA. Well we had our service return within twenty four hours however we are waiting for our old e-mail to be recovered via our backups. It does not help the situation when every time you see me to say "I checked my e-mail and is our old e-mail back yet"; my reply is "did you see it"? Their answer is no, well then it is not back yet. If you didn't see it chances are I haven't either.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Today is Systems Administrator Day!

Happy System Administrators Day! Today is the day that all of us System Administrators get our do, we are on the front lines of the daily battle between the evils of the Internet and your business networks. This is my shout out to all of my SA homies keepin it real, to all my deceased SA brothers mourn you til I join you

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Def Jam to the Motherland

This past weekend I went to Chicago to see a friend who was in town from Paris. My brothers and I decided to go to Comiskey for a game on Sunday. I've not been there since 2003 or so and I was surprised by some of the improvements. We sat in the club level seats and if you get a chance to take in a game here I highly recommend it. Sunday was the White Sox tribute to Harold Baines along with the unveiling of the Baines statue. It was a weird feeling to see this because I remember Harold Baines as a player and to see him being enshrined like this made me realize how old I am getting. Or course the Sox blew the game and are now only .5 games above the Twins. This team needs to step it up or else we will not make the playoffs let alone go to the world series!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some people have too much time on their hands

I was surfing the net today and I found myself at the website 23/6 which I go to from time to time. If you have not been there check it out, but I digress there is an article about the American Family Association's boycott of McDonald's. Why do you ask? Unfair labor practices? No because McD's donated $20,000 to the Gay Chamber of Commerce. McDonald's probably has quarterly profits in the billions of dollars this donation is not an endorsement of their lifestyle, this is like you and I dropping a couple of pennies into the cup at the gas station. I am not endorsing homosexuality all I am saying is that this organization promotes families and most McDonald's restaurants are franchises owned by families! I think there are much larger issues of concern to American families; cost of gas and families without health insurance, than McD's donation $20 G to this organization in the end you are hurting families who own McDonalds! If you are bored you can check out their website here

Friday, July 11, 2008

I actually agree with Jay Mariotti

In his article today in the Chicago Sun Times summed it up perfectly! I especially like the comment about Soriano and Fukodome belonging there to sell hot dogs. I grew up in the Chicagoland area and the Cubs have always ruled the baseball scene. I still don't believe this is their year to end a century of futility and the Sox are three years removed from a World Series victory. I hope there is a World Series trophy raised in Chicago this year... on the South Side!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Your new Iowa hockey team!

The Iowa Chops are getting ready to hit the ice this fall! I did not realize the Stars had left and we were getting a new franchise. On the news the assistant general manager said they wanted something that reflected Iowa culture, I wondered why they did not choose a portly women dressed in clothes that are three years out of style and the ankle exposed tattoo. After further searching on the web I saw there is an organization called C.H.O.P.S which stands for Changing Homosexuals into Ordinary People. Way to go Iowa!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cubs trade for Harden

Chicago Cubs fans are excited about this trade for Rich Harden, and they did not give up much to get him. The combination of Gallagher, Patterson, Murton and a minor leager is actually pretty small price to pay. I wonder if Harden is just Mark Prior in disguise, I thought I heard on the radio he has been on the DL nine times in six year, however the article says six times. Harden is signed until the end of next year so at least he is not a rent a player. I am a big Murton fan and I hate to see him go, Patterson I could take him or leave him. On a side note at an Iowa Cubs game I attended six weeks ago Patterson was on first when Felix Pie came to bat. Pie hit a towering fly ball to the catcher and Patterson took off running and was standing on third when the ball was caught, the catcher threw it to first for an inning ending double play. Don't get me wrong I am not a Cubs hater, I hate Cubs fans, would I be happy if they win the World Series, yes. I would be happier if the Sox win it though

Monday, July 7, 2008

We need to end fan voting for the All Star game

The Cubs do not deserve seven all stars! Fukodome does not deserve to start, nor does Soriano and Dempster cannot win away from Wrigley Field. I personally think Ryan Theriot and Derrick Lee belong there before those three. As for the White Sox I think that Gavin Floyd deserves to go as well as Jermaine Dye dererves to go over Manny Ramirez. This is nothing more than a popularity contest oh wait I forgot this one counts. Blah blah blah.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sox complete sweep of the Tribe!

Whether you love him or hate him AJ Pierzynski homer in the bottom of the tenth inning completed the sweep of the Tribe and helped us keep our 2.5 game lead over the Twins who also won. We are a little over half way through the season and we are 49-35; I had originally picked the Sox for third in the Central. Can we keep this up? I for one hope so

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I find this site to be hilarious!

My friend GB4 from Big Head Hip Hop introduced me to Stuff White People Like; and it is hilarious! The thing that is funny is a lot of it is true! For instance #60 is the Toyota Prius, tell me you've never seen this explained exactly how it is in the post! Living in Iowa I've seen many of these with my own eyes. Check it out.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

South Side!

Over the weekend the South Side Hitmen emerged to stick it to the Cubs. Nothing brings me more joy! I am not a Cubs hater I just hate your typical ass clown Cubs fan; you know who you are. You sit in the stands and and talk on your cell phone and not pay attention to what is going on. I remember when I went to see the Cubs vs Yankees at Wrigley five years ago. To my recollection the last time the Yankees were there was a World Series in the twenties. The asshole sitting next to me called everyone in his contact list to let him know where he was. The conversation went like this "brah, I am at the Cubs game", "I am sitting next to this hot chick" this was a lie because he was sitting at the end of a row and next to me. Then he starts talking about where he is going afterwards, "brah I am going to Murphy's, it's going to be hot" what an ass! When I go to the game I very rarely utter a word, I am there for the game. Anyway the Sox are in the AL Central lead and I am loving it!

Friday, June 27, 2008

It's about time Pax got something right!

Well done Pax! You went and drafted a franchise point guard and some dude from Turkey . I was surprised to see Rose's teammate Chris Douglas-Roberts still available, I thought he could have been an interesting pick especially if Deng were to leave however I suppose we could shift Thabo to small forward.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well the time has come Bulls fans

Rose or Beasley? I think we should go for Derrick Rose; a point guard who can run this team for the next ten years. Mike Downey; from says that Rose is the point guard we lost in Jay Williams after his 2003 motorcycle accident. I have always had a sour taste in my mouth when it comes to Jay Williams, I think it was the lack of judgement surrounding the whole crotch rocket incident. I wonder how our team would have been different if he had been injured? In looking at the 2003 draft where the Bulls took Kirk Hinrich at seven there was not a ton left after him. David West and Josh Howard went later in the first round and probably were not worthy of the seventh pick at the time.

By selecting Rose we will need to move somebody out of that crowded backcourt. Yesterday K.C .Johnson's article said that Deng and Gordon hold the key to the roster. Deng will probably sign a long term deal; Gordon I think will opt for the one year deal. I think it would not be a huge loss for him to go elsewhere. There are times when he puts up tons of points but there are also the 3-16 nights with eight points. I think that tonight is only the beginning!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bulls hire Del Negro and other Bulls thoughts

I know this is late but I was on vacation. But WTF? Paxson said he would hire someone who would resonate with the fans. I have no idea how Vinny does that, that being said I was not for hiring Doug Collins again either. Granted who was out there? Sometimes I don't understand where Pax is going? Today Thank You Isiah ( has a post about trading for Carmelo Anthony and why the Bulls not in the mix. There is something about Melo I do not like however he can ball. He is better than anyone on this current roster. If you have to give up Deng and Hinrich to get him so be it! I think we will draft Derrick Rose making Hinrich expendable and probably Hughes too. Melo can score so he would be our answer if Gordon leaves in free agency and Deng has just straight up disappointed me. I can live with a starting five of Rose, Thabo, Melo, Gooden and Noah with Thomas and Hughes coming off the bench. Will we win a championship? Maybe not but we would be better than last season.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NBA Finals

Well I predicted a 4-2 series but for the Lakers not the Celtics. I am not unhappy to see the Celtics win I like Kevin Garnett and think it is about time he gets a ring. The thing that bothers me is that Garnett could have come to the Bulls if we were willing to trade Luol Deng. Granted the Celtics had Paul Pierce who is better than anyone on the Bulls roster and added Ray Allen again who is better than anyone on the Bulls add Garnett and you have a trophy. Bulls fans have been longing for a retun to glory but we fell in love with our"core". My point is that the Celtics decided that they wanted to win; they went out and did what they had to do to raise a trophy. One year later the Celtics are champs because they took a chance! Will Pax take notice?

Monday, June 16, 2008

I've been on vacation

Last week TDizzle loaded up the family and went to South Dakota. I've had never been there before so it was interesting. First off we stopped at the Corn Palace in Mitchell. I was a little disappointed at this stop I expected it to be out in the middle of nowhere however it was in the middle of the town. Within ten minutes we were in the gift shop and planning our next stop. From there we went to Wall Drug in Wall. If you want to see overweight women in a sleeveless shirt with tattoo's and smoking blue hairs this is the place for you. I thought that Vegas had cornered this market but I was wrong. I guess if you fit that description and can't afford Vegas they go to Wall Drug. From there we went to the Badlands and did some hiking. That was awesome I will post some pictures once I find my camera. After the Badlands we headed to Custer in the Black Hills. This too was awesome; we explored the state and national parks, saw buffalo, burros, elk and deer not to mention absolutely beautiful scenery. This was capped by a trip to Mount Rushmore. If you have not been I suggest you go. All in all my impression of South Dakota was great if you go skip the tourist traps and go straight to the Badlands and the Black Hills.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dear Hulk

In my youth I was a fan of professional wrestling, my friends and I spent hours watching it just for a glimpse of you in a match or begging our friends with cable television to pay for Wrestlemania so we could see you and Mr T battle your enemies. I'll even admit I spent a little time watching Hogan Knows Best. However this week you revealed yourself to be a low life piece of shit. Granted I had begun to think you were a little on the white trash side with your spoiled wife and conceited privileged kids he whole time thinking if you were not a wrestler you would be in a trailer park working at Car X. To suggest that God laid some heavy shit on the kid who was injured by your dumb ass son is unbelievable! This kids life is ruined because you are a failure as a parent and a human being! He lived through a tour in Irag on to be left paralyzed by you son. I hope you son rots in jail and then both of you rot in hell. No hard feelings

Monday, June 2, 2008

Chicago Baseball

The season is a third of the way over and both of our teams are in first place! The Cubs have had good pitching from Big Z and surprisingly Ryan Dempster; Carlos Marmol and Kerry Wood have been great as well. Maybe this is the Cubs year. The Sox on the other hand I am nore worried about. Ozzie is complaining about offense and I can't blame him. Konerko is playing hurt, Thome is bad, Swisher is not hitting; Carlos Quentin is the only ray of offensive light. However in light of all of this they are still a game up on the Twins. Let's just hope that the Indians or Tigers don't get on a streak and bury us.

NBA Finals

The NBA Finals start this Thursday and this match up has got to be David Stern's wet dream. The Celtics went from worst to first in one season; John Paxson and the Bulls take note, vs the Lakers. I am looking at this match up and I am predicting the Lakers in six. Kobe is on a mission and he had made the leap this year and is the closest thing we have seen to His Airness for a while. The reigning MVP is going to prove he can win a title without Shaq. He has been here before and will not wilt under the pressure of the spotlight. This is not a slight against KG, Pierce and Ray Allen but it is just not their year

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day weekend

My weekend was a busy one. First off my younger daughter and I went to see the new Indiana Jones movie and I was pleasantly surprised. I was almost expecting the let down I felt from Episode One the Phantom Menace. It delivered what I expected action and entertainment if you have not seen it I highly recommend it. The only downside was the projector broke and there was a five minute delay however on the way out they gave us free passes for another movie. I was so happy about being able to see Ironman for free I tuned out Mrs. Dizzle and the older daughter talking about the movie they went to see; Baby Mama.

Sunday we went to the Iowa Cubs game. It was a little warmer than we thought it would be and this of course let to the corpulent of Des Moines to take their shirts off. During one point my older daughter pointed out the arrival of Sasquatch and asked why is it that hairy men feel the need to show other people their hairy bodies? I did not have an answer for her I am afraid

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We hit the jackpot Bulls fans!

With a 1.7 chance of winning the draft lottery and we did it! Now who do we go with? Derrick Rose? Michael Beasley? I think that we need a point guard and Derrick Rose is going to be like Chris Paul and Deron Williams a stud. We have seen what Tyson Chandler has become with a great point guard. Can you imagine what Tyrus Thomas can do with him? I think that adding Rose will eliminate the need for Ben Gordon and Larry Hughes. Hughes will be tough to move because of his contract. Beasley could provide you with 24 pts 12 rebounds a game he would make Tyrus Thomas and Drew Gooden trade bait. I am torn on this one.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NBA Conference Finals

Eastern Conference

I think that the Pistons lucked out by getting the Celtics, I believe they match up better. I like Sheed vs KG I think KG has the slight advantage. I think that Billups and Prince match up nice against Pierce and Allen. This series is going to come own to experience (Detroit) vs desire (Celtics). I don't believe KG, Pierce or Allen have been this deep into the playoffs. This is going to come down to who wants it more, I know KG is hungry I think it will be the Celtics in seven.

Western Conference

This series is tough, you have the defending champs vs the Lakers. Some people say the Spurs are not a dynasty that is nuts. The Lakers on the other hand are loaded with Kobe, Pau and Lamar Odom. However the Spurs have Tim Duncan, who I believe is the best power forward to play the game along with Manu and Tony P. I think it will come down to if Bruce Bowen can contain Kobe. I told my boy GBrizzle Kobe is going to win a trophy, I think he is on a mission and it will be the Lakers in six

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day in Ames

I am sorry it has been a while since I posted anything but work and the little Dizzettes have kept me busy. Sunday was Mother's Day so after church we took the Mrs Dizzle out for lunch, she opted for Red Lobster which was fine with me. We had to wait about twenty minutes for our table which was fine with me, it was a small price to pay for succulent seafood; as the commercials put it. I put these twenty minutes to good use by people watching. I am not tying to be judgemental but ladies if you are going to wear sandals please take care of your feet. If your toes look like you use them to kill your prey or climb trees to avoid predators please cover them. And secondly if you heels look like I could use them to sharpen knives again please wear shoes.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ashton Kutcher needs to go away

The other night my daughter and I were watching the Cubs when the commercial for his new movie came on. The little Dizzle looks at me and says let me guess they win the money, they end up living together, fall in love and he does something stupid and he has to go after her and they live happily ever after, how stupid! I am glad that she is smart enough to see this idiot and his movie for what it is.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

NBA playoffs recap

If I had just grown a pair and perdicted the the Spurs like I wanted to I would have been 4 and 0 in the West. I believe that Tim Duncan and the Spurs will be too much for the Hornets. I think that Chris Paul will match up with Parker okay but Duncan will be too much for Tyson Chandler. I am goin with the Spurs in six. On to the Lakers versus Jazz; This is tough I think in the end Kobe will prevail in seven. In the East Orlando vs Detroit. I think that Detroit will not make the same mistake they did with Philadelphia, I think that Detroit has too much experience for the Magic, Detroit in six. Cleveland will have to wait until tomorrow to see who the face in the semi finals.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend irritations

This weekend the family and I went to the mall to see a movie and walk around a little bit. While Mrs. Dizzle and the Dizzetes were getting their hair cut, I walked around and I was almost run over by some kids wearing these annoying Heely shoes. I almost wanted to trip them or throw something in front of them so they would trip. Then I wished I was twelve again so I could knock these irritating little shits over. After a moment of clarity my ire turned to the parents. Why would you buy your kids something so fucking annoying? Do they irk you so much that you feel compled to share the wealth? Or are you in fact an asshole who wants to pass the joy of being an asshole to your children? I wish I had the answer or at least a stick to drop in front of the kids as they rolled past me.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sometimes I scratch my head

This week was Earth Day and Administrative Professionals day. I don't get misty eyed about earth day or go plant trees to celebrate it is just another day. Administrative Professionals day is the one that gets me. Why do they or any other profession for that matter get their own day? In our office the "professionals" are out on a field trip today and then they're going shopping on the taxpayers dime. All because they fit the category of "administrative professionals". Why do we or anyone else need to celebrate what we do for a living? Does it add intrinsic value to our lives? If it does you need therapy and medication.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend observations of Des Moines

On Saturday the family and I went to Des Moines to go shopping. The day began at the Olive Garden, normally I don't mind the OG but Saturday it bothered me. First we wait forty five minutes to be seated at 1:30 in the afternoon. The the waitress comes to us with a huge bottle of wine. Now T-Dizzle is no stranger to the liquid lunch but when you are sitting there with two kids chances are the liquid lunch is off the table. I was not irked by our waitress however the waiter at the next table just annoyed the living shit out of me. His name was Chad, this asshole had the whole "I am just a waiter until my acting career takes off" vibe. He had his little soul patch going and the fake voice going on. Then he starts with the new Olive Garden slogan "What are we celebrating today"? It is lunchtime asshole we are eating lunch here Chad. Then he asks the people if they need anything explained to them? It is pasta Chad! If it were something worthy of celebrating I would probably take the Mrs. to someplace nicer than the McDonald's of Italian food. Of course the table Chad was waiting on had someone with a birthday so he drags everyone to the table to sing not once but three times because people in the party were restroom and could not hear them. After that I had to leave, then we went on to Kohl's.
I have a friend Holly who moved to DC, she once told me she had to throw away her clothes because she was three years out of style. Well Holly the women of Central Iowa are still fueling the economy with their poor wardrobe choices. It was a truly painful experience. While the Mrs and the girls were looking for new outfits I wandered into the department with all of the picture frames. You could not find a frame without some little catch phrase like "live love laugh" or Family: all because two people fell in love... When did our lives become so meaningless that we need some stupid Hallmark phrase to give our lives meaning? If your life blows looking at the "dance like no one is watching"picture frame probably is not going to help you. I could go on but I think you get the point

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The NBA playoffs are here!

I wanted to do this post earlier in the week but I had a ton of SharePoint issues this week at work.

First off the West.
I know today that the Spurs topped the Suns. I think that this series is too close to call, it will come down to what the Diesel has in the tank. Next is the Lakers vs Denver; Kobe is too much for Denver. Along with Gasol, Bynum and Odom this is over in five. We now move on to Houston vs Utah. This Utah team is better than the ones that lost to the Bulls in the finals. This is going to be Deron Williams coming out party. I think for Houston it will come down to Yao and MrGrady's performance. In the end Utah will be too much. And finally Dallas vs New Orleans. Dallas the experienced vs up and coming. Chris Paul is going to smoke J Kidd, my head says Dallas but my heart says New Orleans.

The East.
Cleveland is leading Washington 1-0 and I think Lebron will be too much for The Wizards. Maybe if Arenas was 100% but I don't think he is and Deshawn Stevenson is no match for him. Detroit will chew up Philadelphia, even though I am a huge Iguodola fan he will not be able to carry the past Detroit. Boston is not going to break a sweat against Atlanta, KG should get some rest for the next round. And finally Orlando and Toronto. I think that the Magic and Dwight Howard are going to take this matchup. I will follow up next week to see how I did.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I need to stop letting the Mrs Dizzle pick movies

The past two weekends the Mrs. has picked out movies for us. I was forced to watch August Rush; it was horrible. Keri Russell still looks good the rest of the movie is bad. At one time the Mrs and I were on the same page when it came to movies. We mainly watched a lot of the pre-obese Steven Seagal and any action movie we could get our hands on. The week it was the Martian Child with John Cusack. In my opinion Cusack has made two good movies, the eighties classic Say Anything and Gross Pointe Blank. I have another Cusack movie High Fidelity I need to watch so the list may go up to three. Next weekend I am picking the movies!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's over Bulls fans!

The season is over and now Jim Boylan is gone! He has to be the worst coach in NBA history. The only cool thing about him is he looked like President Charles Logan from 24. Now the focus is on you Pax. You need to address the Deng and Gordon situation. Gordon is going to sign a one year deal and then he will go somewhere else and light up the Bulls every chance he gets. Now Pax has to handle the jam in the backcourt and look again for size or a point guard in the draft. Pax maybe the next one out of a job. Let the Isiah watch in NYC begin!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The weekend in baseball

Man these guys are on fire! The won two our of three against the division rival Detroit Tigers. Two grand slams in one game, one from Crede and the other from Pauly yesterday. These guys are hitting and if you add Gavin Floyd's performance Saturday and Javier Vasquez yesterday I think our rotation is looking good. Also the are burying a division rival, Detroit is 2-10 they are digging a hole that maybe difficult to dig out of. I know it is only twelve game into the season but I am catching White Sox fever!

The Cubs are coming off of a 4-2 road trip. Here is what I don't understand on Fox Sports MLB power rankings they are ranked number ten and the White Sox are eleven. The Cubs needed thirty innings in two games to beat the Pirates then they rolled into Philly and lost two out of three. On top of that you had bad outings from Zambrano, Lilly and Marquis. Dempster is the surprise here on the positive side but Lilly has had three bad starts and his velocity is down. It is only April but that does not bode well for a team that we have been force fed that this is their year. They are currently third in the NL Central behind a surprsing St Louis and Milwaukee. You don't win a season in April but you can lose it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's over Bulls fans

It was actually over on Tuesday but I've been busy at work which is my prime blogging time. Now we have to look to the off season and the draft. We are lottery bound; again this time as a result of our own accord. Where do we go? Size? Point guard? Who is going to be here of the current group? I think Deng will resign, we are stuck with Hughes, Gooden is okay, Noah is going to be the vocal leader of this team, Sefolosha is going to be a fixture in the rotation. I think Kirk Hinrich and Tyrus Thomas will be dangled in trade and Gordon will probably sign a one year deal and be gone. I really hope we can get into the top five picks and maybe have a chance to get Derrick Rose but he will definately be gone by the third pick. I am going to sign like a Cubs fan here but "Wait til next year"!

Monday, April 7, 2008

This weekend in Chicago baseball

I had the opportunity to see both teams play this weekend and amazingly enough both on the same day! I'll start with the Cubs.

I thought that that Zambrano looked great he seemed to have his A game and went seven innings he was followed by Marmol and Wood. Soriano had one hit and as usual he was all or nothing hitting a home run. D-Lee and Aramis Ramirez are on fire. I was really inpressed with Fukudome's defense. There was a play where he one hopped the ball into Blanco's chest to hold the runner at third. Now they go to Pittsburgh for three games. And now onto

The 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox!!!!!

We swept the Tigers! I expect the Tigers will come to life sooner or later but I will take a sweep over a division rival anytime we can get it. Buerhle looked good he seemed to have control of his pitches and made few mistakes. I was surprised by the two throwing errors by Joe Crede; I consider him one of the top five third basemen in the league. However it looked cold in Detroit and a six run sixth inning pretty much can forgive the errors and then four more in the ninth forget about it. Our offense is obviously producing Swisher went yard to start the game, AJ is on fire and Carlos Quentin looks good too. I am very happy with the off season moves of Kenny Williams they seem to be paying off so far. Now they welcome in the Twins for their home opener and I am smelling two out of three!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's still early baseball fans

The Cubs and the Sox have both rolled snake eyes so far against division opponents. I am not too worried because it is only two games into the season however Sweet Lou has decided to make the first line up change of the year and move Soriano into the leadoff position and move Theriot to the two hole. Two down one hundred and sixty to go!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Play Ball!

Today is opening day! Once again everything is right with the world. Every team believes they can win it all, hope and optimism abounds! Today is the day where I will make my predictions for the Beloved (White Sox) and the Chicago Cubs.

First off the Cubs: The National League Central is a suckfest. The only real competition in this division will be the Brewers and this will depend on how their starting pitching holds up. Houston and St. Louis are shells of their former selves and Pittsburgh and Cincinnati just blow. The Cubs improved just enough to win this division with the addition of K-Fuk. However there are a lot of holes here too. First off the starting rotation I still think there are holes after Zambrano and Lilly. I've seen Dempster pitch twice this spring and I thought he did well enough but let's see how that translates to major league hitters. Rich Hill could have won more games last year if he had more run support. Marquis is strong in the beginning of the season but then goes back to sucking in the heart of the season. The bullpen will be strong with Howry, Wuertz and Marmol. Wood will have need to prove he can pitch back to back days in order to instill confidence he can be a top notch closer or move over for the heir apparent Marmol. Offensively you have no real lead off hitter to set the table for the heart of the order which will probably looks something like Lee, Ramirez, Fukodome and possibly Soriano. Also the middle infield raises a few questions with Theriot and DeRosa defensively; will they be good enough? Prediction: Win NL Central

Now to the White Sox: The American League Central is the toughest league in baseball. Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Minnesota is a murders row of a schedule. This starting rotation scares me to death! Buehrle and Vasquez I like, Contreras scares me to death, Floyd and Danks are unproven. Man I wish Garland was still here all he did was win eighteen game for you the last couple of years. I am confortable with Dye and Swisher in the outfield however is Swisher playing left or center? If he is in left is Gerry Owens in center? In the infield you have Paul Konerko at first which is fine with me, Juan Uribe at second which isn't bad. We won a World Series with him at short stop and Joe Crede at third. Now is Crede here to stay thus pushing Josh Fields out of the picture? Or is he being showcased? I remember when Crede pushed Robin Ventura out of the picture and Sox fans were upset now the same is happening only this time with Crede being pushed instead of pushing. I like Joe Crede and he was a member of the World Series team but I am worried about the health of his back and his contract demands after this year. Can this team bounce back in this division? We sat back while Detroit added Willis and Cabrera; do we have enough? Man I am having a hard time with this prediction, my heart says they win it but only because I want to go to a World Series celebration in October but my head says third place.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Cubs are making a big mistake

I like Matt Murton he has helped the Cubs in the last few seasons. He may not be the greatest outfielder in the world but he is a .300 hundred hitter who is better than Reed Johson and Daryl Ward. I am not sure why the Cubs have decided to assign him to Triple A but in reality they will probably trade him. I think this decision will come back to haunt them when they need a right hand hitter off the bench. Oh well it will be an interesting season of them winning the NL Central and get bounced in the first round by Colorado or Arizona, again.

Monday, March 24, 2008

To all of you people who post comments that are linked to porn or spyware.

Please stop. You know who you are posting comment with links that say click here or here. Some people may appreciate you helping them in their porn search but others don't want any part of it. Your understanding is appreciated.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

You're not going to believe this

But Kerry Wood is hurt. I know this is a rare thing it's not like this has happened every season he has been in the majors! Or missed a whole season due to injury! Give him a break! Oh wait he spends most seasons on and off the disabled list. He did miss a season due to shoulder surgery. And he has never displayed the durability to pitch consecutive days in his time as a relief pitcher. However in all fairness he has been ridden hard and put away wet by every manager he has played for but come on. This year he was going to be given the coveted closers role for the Cubs and he comes up lame. Mind you there are very few true and elite closers in the game. Granted the closers role has changed over the years they no longer come in the game like Goose Gossage would in the seventh inning to protect a lead or cool off a rally. Now they come in to mop up during the ninth. Nonetheless he is hurt and now you are going to see the keys to the kingdom handed to Carlos Marmol. Hold on Cubs fans

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

You are a sad strange little man, you have my sympathy.

This line was uttered by Buzz Lightyear in the original Toy Story movie and I believe it applies here. I have two bosses, we shall call them Boss 1 and Boss 2. Boss 1 is the senior representative of the government in our state. How does he spend his time? Doing something important? No he spends it running an experiment on our thermostats and went to far as to print up warning signs and place them on each thermostat in the building! Then we goes to each one and charts them according to the temperature and then adjusts the vents. He is almost fanatical about this. Boss 2 has his fingers in more honeypots than Winnie the Pooh. Whenever Boss 1 is out of the office Boss 2 parks in his spot as if it is his way of showing us underlings he is in charge. We are also in the process of a multiple information technology projects both of which are considered important. Matter of fact one is a government wide project and Boss 2 approaches me because he wants to ensure that his webshots screen saver program will work! Never mind anything important like e-mail or our payment system just webshots. Things could be worse, I could still be working at Bear Stearns!

At least baseball starts in two weeks

The Bulls are DONE! Let's start to look forward to the draft. They cannot protect a lead, Boylan is clueless however you may see him on the bench next year. Where do we go in the draft? Do we go after a true point guard? Or a big man? I think Deng will resign and he will play the three, Thabo should play the two, I believe Gordon and Hinrich will be trade bait and Hughes may end up as our point guard, that leaves Gooden or Thomas at the four and Noah at the five. Who knows what this off season will bring but I know there will be wholesale change.

Friday, March 14, 2008

I am on the ledge with the Bulls

I hate to say it but you guys have me looking forward to the Spring Training Cubs/Sox matchup tomorrow. You have fueled my basketball excitement for years I was with you in the post Jordan years watching religiously to beat down after beat down. I will not bring up the folly that ensued. I am hoping that you will play well tonight against Philly show some of the trademark hustle from last year. I want to see you play well and I want you to make the playoffs even if it kicks us out of the lottery. So please play like you mean it!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I am tired of the Cubs already!

I have been stewing over this for a while now and I've finally heard enough. Cubs fans you have not won a World Series in 100 years! All I hear is complaining about selling the naming rights to Wrigley Field and if or when renovations take place how you don't want to play at the US Cellular Field? What is the matter with you people? You should be pissed because you're getting fleeced by your owners! They run their own ticket scalping service and you still line up to buy the tickets. They put premium prices for bleacher seats and you still show up. I went to the first Yankees and Cubs series in 2002 and I am sitting next to some asshole on his cell phone! I thought to myself you will never see this in your life and here you are talking to some asshole who could not get tickets. You have a lot of issues facing this team no legitimate lead off hitter, a shaky rotation after Zambrano and Lilly, and an albatross of a contract for a broke down Soriano. Stop the drinking the kool aid and wake up!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

John Paxson you're on the clock

You inherited a mess when you came in as general manager, I'll give you that. You got rid of J.R. Smith, Tim Thomas and Eddie Robinson, brought in your guy Scott Skiles and fired him, you got the best you could for Eddy Curry; Tyrus Thomas and Joakin Noah, and signed Ben Wallace. I will admit I was not high on Noah but he has surprised me, I hope that Thomas pans out he is one of the few athletes on this team. This off season Pax is going to be your make or break year, you have to sign Deng who I believe will sign because his value should not be as high as last year, try and resign and trade Ben Gordon because he is not going to sign for less than the previous offer and if he signs the tender offer he is going to be a black hole next year playing for a contract. Then there is Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden. What are you going to do with them? You have a tall guard in Thabo Sefolosha who plays defense all the time instead of passively like Hughes. Gooden will be an expiring contract so he maybe worth keeping and maybe even resigning to a reasonable extension. Then where do you go in the draft? A true point guard? Oh and I forgot you need to hire a coach too. Good luck Pax!

Friday, March 7, 2008

This week has been busy

Joakim went off last night. 13 points and 20 rebounds. I think he made a statement last night that he is more than ready to take over for Ben Wallace. Luol Deng and Ben Gordon seemed to bounce back a little bit as well. Tonight we take on the Celtics and why I am not really expecting a win I want to see continued growth from Noah and Tyrus when he returns from his suspension.

Politics: Super Tuesday part 2

Senator Hillary Clinton seems to have regained some of the momentum in this election. I was listening to NPR Wednesday on my way to work and the discussion centered around the Florida and Michigan delegates being seated. Governor Charlie Crist stated his preference of not having another primary but to merely seat the delegates. If this happens; which I think it will happen, these delegates and the Superdelegates will swing the election her way.

And finally: The Biggest Loser Couples

I normally am not a big fan of reality TV however I have a personal connection to this show. My friend Bernie was a contestant on this season. He and Brittany were the "strangers" couple this season. Bernie was voted off this past Tuesday but not before losing close to ninety pounds. Upon returning home he has continued to exercise and workout and continued to lose weight. Congratulations and way to go Bernie!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Good bye Brett Favre

After seventeen seasons you decided to hang up the spikes. I think that Green Bay is the favorite to win the NFL Central Division and probably had a good shot at getting to the Super Bowl too. I respect that he walked away at the top of his game. I think that his record of consecutive starts will never be eclipsed and will go down as a top three to five quarterbacks to ever play the game. Let the Aaron Rogers era begin!

Chicago Bears

Well you resigned Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton for QB, resigned Lance Briggs which was huge, and signed Marty Booker. I am wondering what direction they will go in the draft. I am thinking offensive lineman and receiver. The one thing they have not come out and said is that they are rebuilding which I think is painfully obvious.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Thoughts on ISU vs Kansas. The White Fro lives!

Wednesday night I had the pleasure to attend the Iowa State University vs. Kansas men's basketball game at Hilton Coliseum. Hilton is a great place to watch a basketball game, I know a lot of ISU alumni say this however I am not an alumnus of ISU and I agree with them. I was amazed that this game was close; Kansas 75 ISU 64. ISU missed a ton of shots and had they made half of them they would have won this game. Darrell Arthur looked like a stud and Brandon Rush who I thought was supposed to be a lottery pick a few years ago had a solid game however during half time my daughter and I witnessed the white fro. We were walking to the concession stand and Angela says to me "look dad it's Jackie Moon"! Of course I was torn between pride and laughter that my thirteen year old has develop a rapier wit beyond her years. I wish I had taken a picture at this proud coif out in the wild to share with you but it was not meant to be. Like my friend Chris said "in Iowa it's always 1987".

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Boys of Summer

Today is the first Spring training game!! The Sox take on the Colorado Rockies who are fresh off a World Series appearance. The Cubs face of tomorrow against the Barry Bondless Giants. I do hope that this will bring about the Spring weather because I am sick of Winter!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

NBA trade analysis

I was planning on torching the Dallas Mavericks for giving up too much for Jason Kidd. Diop is their best inside defender and rebounder not to mention Devin Harris is ten years younger than Kidd. In Kidd's first game back he was torched my Chris Paul. When I called my friend GB4 he reminded me that Chris Paul torches everyone so don't read too much into it. For some reason Kidd always kills the Bulls and last night was no exception. However I don't think that this trade will have them hoisting a trophy this summer. So Mark.

However the Lakers are another story. I am almost afraid to see how they look when Andrew Bynum returns from injury. I think the trade for Gasol who seems rejuvenated since hitting LA puts them over the top. I would not be surprised to see Kobe holding a NBA Finals MVP trophy along with another championship trophy. Way to go Mitch

And finally the Bulls; good job getting rid of Big Ben. I think that Larry Hughes may be trade bait this summer or maybe the insurance policy for Ben Gordon's likely departure. I do like Drew Gooden however the 4 teams in 5 years worries me. But nonetheless good job Pax

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good bye Big Ben

I was not high on signing you but I am not the GM. You were sold as the "missing piece" to the championship puzzle, a tough rebounder and reigning Defensive Player of the Year. Instead you were a cancer and took playing time from young players. To your credit you didn't have the supporting cast you had in your beloved Detroit. So good bye and don't be surprised by the reception you will receive on March 6th.

Friday, February 22, 2008

It's up to you Luol Deng

We have been told by John Paxson that you are this teams superstar for a couple of years now. You have the Duke pedigree and raw athleticism and are on the cusp of being an all star well now it is time for you to take the next step. You turned down a multiyear extension before this season and then your game suffered. If you are going to be a superstar you have to have the mental toughness to play through things like that. Look at the statue outside of the United Center! If you slapped him in the face he kicked you in the nuts, he would step on your throat and rip your heart out. His teammate was the same way. Now you may not be as talented as that duo but play to you potential! Be that guy who wants the ball with five seconds left for the last shot to win the game. Kobe wants the ball for that shot, Lebron wants it Paul Pierce too! You have talent please use it! Be our superstar! It is up to you.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

It's been a long time

I've been sick the last few days so I've been a little remiss in my blogging. So here are some random thoughts as of lately


Obama keeps racking up the victories. However one of the things that troubled me is James Carville saying the delegates from Michigan and Florida must be seated. Their delegates were taken away by the DNC as punishment for moving their primary forward. As you know Carville is a big Clinton supporter and seating these delegates would give her the lead in the race. The other thing is none of the other candidates were on the ballot in those states except Hillary. Also I think the superdelegates are going to end up being the deciding factor in this race.


Shaq to Phoenix and J Kidd to Dallas. I think that Phoenix is thinking towards the playoffs. They are a run and gun team however during the playoffs the game slows down to a half court game where Shaq can help them. J Kidd to Dallas I am not so sure about I think they gave up too much for an aging point guard. By giving up Diop takes away some length off the bench which could be useful during the playoffs and Maurice Ager is young and could have developed. I don't understand giving up on Devon Harris and putting all of your eggs in Kidd's basket.

And finally

I have a new puppy. His name is Peyton. My daughter chose the name and she like Peyton Manning.