Friday, September 12, 2008

I was wrong about the Bears

I was really surprised by the outcome of this game. Peyton Manning was definitely off this week and I'll hand it to the Bears they looked pretty good. I refuse to go as far and say this made up for the Super Bowl, that is idiotic the goal of every season it to win the Super Bowl. This week we go up against the Carolina Panthers, Steve Smith is out serving a suspension which is good because he torched us in the 2005 Playoffs. I am going to go with the Bears by 7.

On to baseball; the Cubs are in a slump. Harden looked good last night however I am wondering how much confidence Lou has in the bullpen. However even with the Cubs losing the Brewers are not helping themselves. I believe that after the Houston series the Cubs host the Brewers so it could get interesting. The Sox need to get it in gear, they have a couple of big series coming up and Contreras is still on the shelf, Konerko is down, Quentin is down too and the Twins are not going away. I hate to say it but the south siders luck may have run out

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