Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend irritations

This weekend the family and I went to the mall to see a movie and walk around a little bit. While Mrs. Dizzle and the Dizzetes were getting their hair cut, I walked around and I was almost run over by some kids wearing these annoying Heely shoes. I almost wanted to trip them or throw something in front of them so they would trip. Then I wished I was twelve again so I could knock these irritating little shits over. After a moment of clarity my ire turned to the parents. Why would you buy your kids something so fucking annoying? Do they irk you so much that you feel compled to share the wealth? Or are you in fact an asshole who wants to pass the joy of being an asshole to your children? I wish I had the answer or at least a stick to drop in front of the kids as they rolled past me.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sometimes I scratch my head

This week was Earth Day and Administrative Professionals day. I don't get misty eyed about earth day or go plant trees to celebrate it is just another day. Administrative Professionals day is the one that gets me. Why do they or any other profession for that matter get their own day? In our office the "professionals" are out on a field trip today and then they're going shopping on the taxpayers dime. All because they fit the category of "administrative professionals". Why do we or anyone else need to celebrate what we do for a living? Does it add intrinsic value to our lives? If it does you need therapy and medication.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend observations of Des Moines

On Saturday the family and I went to Des Moines to go shopping. The day began at the Olive Garden, normally I don't mind the OG but Saturday it bothered me. First we wait forty five minutes to be seated at 1:30 in the afternoon. The the waitress comes to us with a huge bottle of wine. Now T-Dizzle is no stranger to the liquid lunch but when you are sitting there with two kids chances are the liquid lunch is off the table. I was not irked by our waitress however the waiter at the next table just annoyed the living shit out of me. His name was Chad, this asshole had the whole "I am just a waiter until my acting career takes off" vibe. He had his little soul patch going and the fake voice going on. Then he starts with the new Olive Garden slogan "What are we celebrating today"? It is lunchtime asshole we are eating lunch here Chad. Then he asks the people if they need anything explained to them? It is pasta Chad! If it were something worthy of celebrating I would probably take the Mrs. to someplace nicer than the McDonald's of Italian food. Of course the table Chad was waiting on had someone with a birthday so he drags everyone to the table to sing not once but three times because people in the party were restroom and could not hear them. After that I had to leave, then we went on to Kohl's.
I have a friend Holly who moved to DC, she once told me she had to throw away her clothes because she was three years out of style. Well Holly the women of Central Iowa are still fueling the economy with their poor wardrobe choices. It was a truly painful experience. While the Mrs and the girls were looking for new outfits I wandered into the department with all of the picture frames. You could not find a frame without some little catch phrase like "live love laugh" or Family: all because two people fell in love... When did our lives become so meaningless that we need some stupid Hallmark phrase to give our lives meaning? If your life blows looking at the "dance like no one is watching"picture frame probably is not going to help you. I could go on but I think you get the point

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The NBA playoffs are here!

I wanted to do this post earlier in the week but I had a ton of SharePoint issues this week at work.

First off the West.
I know today that the Spurs topped the Suns. I think that this series is too close to call, it will come down to what the Diesel has in the tank. Next is the Lakers vs Denver; Kobe is too much for Denver. Along with Gasol, Bynum and Odom this is over in five. We now move on to Houston vs Utah. This Utah team is better than the ones that lost to the Bulls in the finals. This is going to be Deron Williams coming out party. I think for Houston it will come down to Yao and MrGrady's performance. In the end Utah will be too much. And finally Dallas vs New Orleans. Dallas the experienced vs up and coming. Chris Paul is going to smoke J Kidd, my head says Dallas but my heart says New Orleans.

The East.
Cleveland is leading Washington 1-0 and I think Lebron will be too much for The Wizards. Maybe if Arenas was 100% but I don't think he is and Deshawn Stevenson is no match for him. Detroit will chew up Philadelphia, even though I am a huge Iguodola fan he will not be able to carry the past Detroit. Boston is not going to break a sweat against Atlanta, KG should get some rest for the next round. And finally Orlando and Toronto. I think that the Magic and Dwight Howard are going to take this matchup. I will follow up next week to see how I did.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I need to stop letting the Mrs Dizzle pick movies

The past two weekends the Mrs. has picked out movies for us. I was forced to watch August Rush; it was horrible. Keri Russell still looks good the rest of the movie is bad. At one time the Mrs and I were on the same page when it came to movies. We mainly watched a lot of the pre-obese Steven Seagal and any action movie we could get our hands on. The week it was the Martian Child with John Cusack. In my opinion Cusack has made two good movies, the eighties classic Say Anything and Gross Pointe Blank. I have another Cusack movie High Fidelity I need to watch so the list may go up to three. Next weekend I am picking the movies!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's over Bulls fans!

The season is over and now Jim Boylan is gone! He has to be the worst coach in NBA history. The only cool thing about him is he looked like President Charles Logan from 24. Now the focus is on you Pax. You need to address the Deng and Gordon situation. Gordon is going to sign a one year deal and then he will go somewhere else and light up the Bulls every chance he gets. Now Pax has to handle the jam in the backcourt and look again for size or a point guard in the draft. Pax maybe the next one out of a job. Let the Isiah watch in NYC begin!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The weekend in baseball

Man these guys are on fire! The won two our of three against the division rival Detroit Tigers. Two grand slams in one game, one from Crede and the other from Pauly yesterday. These guys are hitting and if you add Gavin Floyd's performance Saturday and Javier Vasquez yesterday I think our rotation is looking good. Also the are burying a division rival, Detroit is 2-10 they are digging a hole that maybe difficult to dig out of. I know it is only twelve game into the season but I am catching White Sox fever!

The Cubs are coming off of a 4-2 road trip. Here is what I don't understand on Fox Sports MLB power rankings they are ranked number ten and the White Sox are eleven. The Cubs needed thirty innings in two games to beat the Pirates then they rolled into Philly and lost two out of three. On top of that you had bad outings from Zambrano, Lilly and Marquis. Dempster is the surprise here on the positive side but Lilly has had three bad starts and his velocity is down. It is only April but that does not bode well for a team that we have been force fed that this is their year. They are currently third in the NL Central behind a surprsing St Louis and Milwaukee. You don't win a season in April but you can lose it.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's over Bulls fans

It was actually over on Tuesday but I've been busy at work which is my prime blogging time. Now we have to look to the off season and the draft. We are lottery bound; again this time as a result of our own accord. Where do we go? Size? Point guard? Who is going to be here of the current group? I think Deng will resign, we are stuck with Hughes, Gooden is okay, Noah is going to be the vocal leader of this team, Sefolosha is going to be a fixture in the rotation. I think Kirk Hinrich and Tyrus Thomas will be dangled in trade and Gordon will probably sign a one year deal and be gone. I really hope we can get into the top five picks and maybe have a chance to get Derrick Rose but he will definately be gone by the third pick. I am going to sign like a Cubs fan here but "Wait til next year"!

Monday, April 7, 2008

This weekend in Chicago baseball

I had the opportunity to see both teams play this weekend and amazingly enough both on the same day! I'll start with the Cubs.

I thought that that Zambrano looked great he seemed to have his A game and went seven innings he was followed by Marmol and Wood. Soriano had one hit and as usual he was all or nothing hitting a home run. D-Lee and Aramis Ramirez are on fire. I was really inpressed with Fukudome's defense. There was a play where he one hopped the ball into Blanco's chest to hold the runner at third. Now they go to Pittsburgh for three games. And now onto

The 2005 World Champion Chicago White Sox!!!!!

We swept the Tigers! I expect the Tigers will come to life sooner or later but I will take a sweep over a division rival anytime we can get it. Buerhle looked good he seemed to have control of his pitches and made few mistakes. I was surprised by the two throwing errors by Joe Crede; I consider him one of the top five third basemen in the league. However it looked cold in Detroit and a six run sixth inning pretty much can forgive the errors and then four more in the ninth forget about it. Our offense is obviously producing Swisher went yard to start the game, AJ is on fire and Carlos Quentin looks good too. I am very happy with the off season moves of Kenny Williams they seem to be paying off so far. Now they welcome in the Twins for their home opener and I am smelling two out of three!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's still early baseball fans

The Cubs and the Sox have both rolled snake eyes so far against division opponents. I am not too worried because it is only two games into the season however Sweet Lou has decided to make the first line up change of the year and move Soriano into the leadoff position and move Theriot to the two hole. Two down one hundred and sixty to go!