Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend irritations

This weekend the family and I went to the mall to see a movie and walk around a little bit. While Mrs. Dizzle and the Dizzetes were getting their hair cut, I walked around and I was almost run over by some kids wearing these annoying Heely shoes. I almost wanted to trip them or throw something in front of them so they would trip. Then I wished I was twelve again so I could knock these irritating little shits over. After a moment of clarity my ire turned to the parents. Why would you buy your kids something so fucking annoying? Do they irk you so much that you feel compled to share the wealth? Or are you in fact an asshole who wants to pass the joy of being an asshole to your children? I wish I had the answer or at least a stick to drop in front of the kids as they rolled past me.