Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's over Bulls fans

It was actually over on Tuesday but I've been busy at work which is my prime blogging time. Now we have to look to the off season and the draft. We are lottery bound; again this time as a result of our own accord. Where do we go? Size? Point guard? Who is going to be here of the current group? I think Deng will resign, we are stuck with Hughes, Gooden is okay, Noah is going to be the vocal leader of this team, Sefolosha is going to be a fixture in the rotation. I think Kirk Hinrich and Tyrus Thomas will be dangled in trade and Gordon will probably sign a one year deal and be gone. I really hope we can get into the top five picks and maybe have a chance to get Derrick Rose but he will definately be gone by the third pick. I am going to sign like a Cubs fan here but "Wait til next year"!