Saturday, April 19, 2008

The NBA playoffs are here!

I wanted to do this post earlier in the week but I had a ton of SharePoint issues this week at work.

First off the West.
I know today that the Spurs topped the Suns. I think that this series is too close to call, it will come down to what the Diesel has in the tank. Next is the Lakers vs Denver; Kobe is too much for Denver. Along with Gasol, Bynum and Odom this is over in five. We now move on to Houston vs Utah. This Utah team is better than the ones that lost to the Bulls in the finals. This is going to be Deron Williams coming out party. I think for Houston it will come down to Yao and MrGrady's performance. In the end Utah will be too much. And finally Dallas vs New Orleans. Dallas the experienced vs up and coming. Chris Paul is going to smoke J Kidd, my head says Dallas but my heart says New Orleans.

The East.
Cleveland is leading Washington 1-0 and I think Lebron will be too much for The Wizards. Maybe if Arenas was 100% but I don't think he is and Deshawn Stevenson is no match for him. Detroit will chew up Philadelphia, even though I am a huge Iguodola fan he will not be able to carry the past Detroit. Boston is not going to break a sweat against Atlanta, KG should get some rest for the next round. And finally Orlando and Toronto. I think that the Magic and Dwight Howard are going to take this matchup. I will follow up next week to see how I did.