Friday, June 27, 2008

It's about time Pax got something right!

Well done Pax! You went and drafted a franchise point guard and some dude from Turkey . I was surprised to see Rose's teammate Chris Douglas-Roberts still available, I thought he could have been an interesting pick especially if Deng were to leave however I suppose we could shift Thabo to small forward.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well the time has come Bulls fans

Rose or Beasley? I think we should go for Derrick Rose; a point guard who can run this team for the next ten years. Mike Downey; from says that Rose is the point guard we lost in Jay Williams after his 2003 motorcycle accident. I have always had a sour taste in my mouth when it comes to Jay Williams, I think it was the lack of judgement surrounding the whole crotch rocket incident. I wonder how our team would have been different if he had been injured? In looking at the 2003 draft where the Bulls took Kirk Hinrich at seven there was not a ton left after him. David West and Josh Howard went later in the first round and probably were not worthy of the seventh pick at the time.

By selecting Rose we will need to move somebody out of that crowded backcourt. Yesterday K.C .Johnson's article said that Deng and Gordon hold the key to the roster. Deng will probably sign a long term deal; Gordon I think will opt for the one year deal. I think it would not be a huge loss for him to go elsewhere. There are times when he puts up tons of points but there are also the 3-16 nights with eight points. I think that tonight is only the beginning!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bulls hire Del Negro and other Bulls thoughts

I know this is late but I was on vacation. But WTF? Paxson said he would hire someone who would resonate with the fans. I have no idea how Vinny does that, that being said I was not for hiring Doug Collins again either. Granted who was out there? Sometimes I don't understand where Pax is going? Today Thank You Isiah ( has a post about trading for Carmelo Anthony and why the Bulls not in the mix. There is something about Melo I do not like however he can ball. He is better than anyone on this current roster. If you have to give up Deng and Hinrich to get him so be it! I think we will draft Derrick Rose making Hinrich expendable and probably Hughes too. Melo can score so he would be our answer if Gordon leaves in free agency and Deng has just straight up disappointed me. I can live with a starting five of Rose, Thabo, Melo, Gooden and Noah with Thomas and Hughes coming off the bench. Will we win a championship? Maybe not but we would be better than last season.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

NBA Finals

Well I predicted a 4-2 series but for the Lakers not the Celtics. I am not unhappy to see the Celtics win I like Kevin Garnett and think it is about time he gets a ring. The thing that bothers me is that Garnett could have come to the Bulls if we were willing to trade Luol Deng. Granted the Celtics had Paul Pierce who is better than anyone on the Bulls roster and added Ray Allen again who is better than anyone on the Bulls add Garnett and you have a trophy. Bulls fans have been longing for a retun to glory but we fell in love with our"core". My point is that the Celtics decided that they wanted to win; they went out and did what they had to do to raise a trophy. One year later the Celtics are champs because they took a chance! Will Pax take notice?

Monday, June 16, 2008

I've been on vacation

Last week TDizzle loaded up the family and went to South Dakota. I've had never been there before so it was interesting. First off we stopped at the Corn Palace in Mitchell. I was a little disappointed at this stop I expected it to be out in the middle of nowhere however it was in the middle of the town. Within ten minutes we were in the gift shop and planning our next stop. From there we went to Wall Drug in Wall. If you want to see overweight women in a sleeveless shirt with tattoo's and smoking blue hairs this is the place for you. I thought that Vegas had cornered this market but I was wrong. I guess if you fit that description and can't afford Vegas they go to Wall Drug. From there we went to the Badlands and did some hiking. That was awesome I will post some pictures once I find my camera. After the Badlands we headed to Custer in the Black Hills. This too was awesome; we explored the state and national parks, saw buffalo, burros, elk and deer not to mention absolutely beautiful scenery. This was capped by a trip to Mount Rushmore. If you have not been I suggest you go. All in all my impression of South Dakota was great if you go skip the tourist traps and go straight to the Badlands and the Black Hills.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dear Hulk

In my youth I was a fan of professional wrestling, my friends and I spent hours watching it just for a glimpse of you in a match or begging our friends with cable television to pay for Wrestlemania so we could see you and Mr T battle your enemies. I'll even admit I spent a little time watching Hogan Knows Best. However this week you revealed yourself to be a low life piece of shit. Granted I had begun to think you were a little on the white trash side with your spoiled wife and conceited privileged kids he whole time thinking if you were not a wrestler you would be in a trailer park working at Car X. To suggest that God laid some heavy shit on the kid who was injured by your dumb ass son is unbelievable! This kids life is ruined because you are a failure as a parent and a human being! He lived through a tour in Irag on to be left paralyzed by you son. I hope you son rots in jail and then both of you rot in hell. No hard feelings

Monday, June 2, 2008

Chicago Baseball

The season is a third of the way over and both of our teams are in first place! The Cubs have had good pitching from Big Z and surprisingly Ryan Dempster; Carlos Marmol and Kerry Wood have been great as well. Maybe this is the Cubs year. The Sox on the other hand I am nore worried about. Ozzie is complaining about offense and I can't blame him. Konerko is playing hurt, Thome is bad, Swisher is not hitting; Carlos Quentin is the only ray of offensive light. However in light of all of this they are still a game up on the Twins. Let's just hope that the Indians or Tigers don't get on a streak and bury us.

NBA Finals

The NBA Finals start this Thursday and this match up has got to be David Stern's wet dream. The Celtics went from worst to first in one season; John Paxson and the Bulls take note, vs the Lakers. I am looking at this match up and I am predicting the Lakers in six. Kobe is on a mission and he had made the leap this year and is the closest thing we have seen to His Airness for a while. The reigning MVP is going to prove he can win a title without Shaq. He has been here before and will not wilt under the pressure of the spotlight. This is not a slight against KG, Pierce and Ray Allen but it is just not their year