Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dear Hulk

In my youth I was a fan of professional wrestling, my friends and I spent hours watching it just for a glimpse of you in a match or begging our friends with cable television to pay for Wrestlemania so we could see you and Mr T battle your enemies. I'll even admit I spent a little time watching Hogan Knows Best. However this week you revealed yourself to be a low life piece of shit. Granted I had begun to think you were a little on the white trash side with your spoiled wife and conceited privileged kids he whole time thinking if you were not a wrestler you would be in a trailer park working at Car X. To suggest that God laid some heavy shit on the kid who was injured by your dumb ass son is unbelievable! This kids life is ruined because you are a failure as a parent and a human being! He lived through a tour in Irag on to be left paralyzed by you son. I hope you son rots in jail and then both of you rot in hell. No hard feelings

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