Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well the time has come Bulls fans

Rose or Beasley? I think we should go for Derrick Rose; a point guard who can run this team for the next ten years. Mike Downey; from says that Rose is the point guard we lost in Jay Williams after his 2003 motorcycle accident. I have always had a sour taste in my mouth when it comes to Jay Williams, I think it was the lack of judgement surrounding the whole crotch rocket incident. I wonder how our team would have been different if he had been injured? In looking at the 2003 draft where the Bulls took Kirk Hinrich at seven there was not a ton left after him. David West and Josh Howard went later in the first round and probably were not worthy of the seventh pick at the time.

By selecting Rose we will need to move somebody out of that crowded backcourt. Yesterday K.C .Johnson's article said that Deng and Gordon hold the key to the roster. Deng will probably sign a long term deal; Gordon I think will opt for the one year deal. I think it would not be a huge loss for him to go elsewhere. There are times when he puts up tons of points but there are also the 3-16 nights with eight points. I think that tonight is only the beginning!

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