Friday, June 20, 2008

Bulls hire Del Negro and other Bulls thoughts

I know this is late but I was on vacation. But WTF? Paxson said he would hire someone who would resonate with the fans. I have no idea how Vinny does that, that being said I was not for hiring Doug Collins again either. Granted who was out there? Sometimes I don't understand where Pax is going? Today Thank You Isiah ( has a post about trading for Carmelo Anthony and why the Bulls not in the mix. There is something about Melo I do not like however he can ball. He is better than anyone on this current roster. If you have to give up Deng and Hinrich to get him so be it! I think we will draft Derrick Rose making Hinrich expendable and probably Hughes too. Melo can score so he would be our answer if Gordon leaves in free agency and Deng has just straight up disappointed me. I can live with a starting five of Rose, Thabo, Melo, Gooden and Noah with Thomas and Hughes coming off the bench. Will we win a championship? Maybe not but we would be better than last season.

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