Monday, June 16, 2008

I've been on vacation

Last week TDizzle loaded up the family and went to South Dakota. I've had never been there before so it was interesting. First off we stopped at the Corn Palace in Mitchell. I was a little disappointed at this stop I expected it to be out in the middle of nowhere however it was in the middle of the town. Within ten minutes we were in the gift shop and planning our next stop. From there we went to Wall Drug in Wall. If you want to see overweight women in a sleeveless shirt with tattoo's and smoking blue hairs this is the place for you. I thought that Vegas had cornered this market but I was wrong. I guess if you fit that description and can't afford Vegas they go to Wall Drug. From there we went to the Badlands and did some hiking. That was awesome I will post some pictures once I find my camera. After the Badlands we headed to Custer in the Black Hills. This too was awesome; we explored the state and national parks, saw buffalo, burros, elk and deer not to mention absolutely beautiful scenery. This was capped by a trip to Mount Rushmore. If you have not been I suggest you go. All in all my impression of South Dakota was great if you go skip the tourist traps and go straight to the Badlands and the Black Hills.

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