Friday, September 5, 2008

Football season starts!

This Sunday night on national TV the Bears open up against their Super Bowl rival the Indianapolis Colts! I have not seen a ton of the Bears in the preseason but what I did see I was happy with. However they are going up against Peyton Manning, who happens to be my oldest daughters favorite player and team. So much so that our puppy is named after him. The Colts are also her Madden team as well when we play. I hope that the Bears come out run the ball, protect Orton so he has time to let the play develop and make some plays. I am tired of hearing about Kyle Orton the game manager, when he was at our fair alma mater he was more of a gunslinger. I want to see him go out and spread the field, at least until Manning hits the field and destroys our defense. I hate to do this but my pick is Indianapolis by 14.

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