Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cubs lose four in a row

Is it time to worry? They've dropped four and Big Z is going to see the doctor today. This makes you wonder about his health for the playoffs not to mention that Rich Harden has been pushed back a start. What does this do for your World Series aspirations? Right now the Brewers lead the wild card and Arizona leads the NL West, do you want to face the D-Backs is a short series? Remember last year? Brandon Webb, Dan Haren and Randy Johnson could be hell in the three of five especially since the Cubs have never beat Johnson.

Now Sox fans you are not exempt from criticism here. All Star third baseman Joe Crede had to leave the game and your MVP candidate Carlos Quentin is sitting with a sore forearm and believe it or not Junior has a sore back! We need to win these games because the Twins are on a hell of a road trip that could make or break them. Wake up and play!

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