Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Def Jam to the Motherland

This past weekend I went to Chicago to see a friend who was in town from Paris. My brothers and I decided to go to Comiskey for a game on Sunday. I've not been there since 2003 or so and I was surprised by some of the improvements. We sat in the club level seats and if you get a chance to take in a game here I highly recommend it. Sunday was the White Sox tribute to Harold Baines along with the unveiling of the Baines statue. It was a weird feeling to see this because I remember Harold Baines as a player and to see him being enshrined like this made me realize how old I am getting. Or course the Sox blew the game and are now only .5 games above the Twins. This team needs to step it up or else we will not make the playoffs let alone go to the world series!

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