Tuesday, July 1, 2008

South Side!

Over the weekend the South Side Hitmen emerged to stick it to the Cubs. Nothing brings me more joy! I am not a Cubs hater I just hate your typical ass clown Cubs fan; you know who you are. You sit in the stands and and talk on your cell phone and not pay attention to what is going on. I remember when I went to see the Cubs vs Yankees at Wrigley five years ago. To my recollection the last time the Yankees were there was a World Series in the twenties. The asshole sitting next to me called everyone in his contact list to let him know where he was. The conversation went like this "brah, I am at the Cubs game", "I am sitting next to this hot chick" this was a lie because he was sitting at the end of a row and next to me. Then he starts talking about where he is going afterwards, "brah I am going to Murphy's, it's going to be hot" what an ass! When I go to the game I very rarely utter a word, I am there for the game. Anyway the Sox are in the AL Central lead and I am loving it!

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