Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You got to blame it on something, Blame it on the rain

This is post is going to cover a couple topics. First off I know it is another Milli Vanilli themed post so I will start with this being the song of the week. How did I come to this? Other than my love of 80's music my two Chicago teams were bounced out of the playoffs, the Sox I initially picked to finish third in the division so when they made the playoffs I was surprised. The Cubs, if you listened to their ass clown fans, were supposed to be opening against the Rays tomorrow. I did pick them to be first round exits this year and last but that is besides the point, this was supposed to be their year. Oh well.

On the college football front my Alma mater, Purdue, is not doing very well this year. My current institution, Iowa State University seems to have gotten their wins out of the way early this year anyway I give you Milli Vanilli because you have to blame it on something, blame it on the rain!

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