Friday, March 7, 2008

This week has been busy

Joakim went off last night. 13 points and 20 rebounds. I think he made a statement last night that he is more than ready to take over for Ben Wallace. Luol Deng and Ben Gordon seemed to bounce back a little bit as well. Tonight we take on the Celtics and why I am not really expecting a win I want to see continued growth from Noah and Tyrus when he returns from his suspension.

Politics: Super Tuesday part 2

Senator Hillary Clinton seems to have regained some of the momentum in this election. I was listening to NPR Wednesday on my way to work and the discussion centered around the Florida and Michigan delegates being seated. Governor Charlie Crist stated his preference of not having another primary but to merely seat the delegates. If this happens; which I think it will happen, these delegates and the Superdelegates will swing the election her way.

And finally: The Biggest Loser Couples

I normally am not a big fan of reality TV however I have a personal connection to this show. My friend Bernie was a contestant on this season. He and Brittany were the "strangers" couple this season. Bernie was voted off this past Tuesday but not before losing close to ninety pounds. Upon returning home he has continued to exercise and workout and continued to lose weight. Congratulations and way to go Bernie!

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