Tuesday, March 11, 2008

John Paxson you're on the clock

You inherited a mess when you came in as general manager, I'll give you that. You got rid of J.R. Smith, Tim Thomas and Eddie Robinson, brought in your guy Scott Skiles and fired him, you got the best you could for Eddy Curry; Tyrus Thomas and Joakin Noah, and signed Ben Wallace. I will admit I was not high on Noah but he has surprised me, I hope that Thomas pans out he is one of the few athletes on this team. This off season Pax is going to be your make or break year, you have to sign Deng who I believe will sign because his value should not be as high as last year, try and resign and trade Ben Gordon because he is not going to sign for less than the previous offer and if he signs the tender offer he is going to be a black hole next year playing for a contract. Then there is Larry Hughes and Drew Gooden. What are you going to do with them? You have a tall guard in Thabo Sefolosha who plays defense all the time instead of passively like Hughes. Gooden will be an expiring contract so he maybe worth keeping and maybe even resigning to a reasonable extension. Then where do you go in the draft? A true point guard? Oh and I forgot you need to hire a coach too. Good luck Pax!

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