Tuesday, February 26, 2008

NBA trade analysis

I was planning on torching the Dallas Mavericks for giving up too much for Jason Kidd. Diop is their best inside defender and rebounder not to mention Devin Harris is ten years younger than Kidd. In Kidd's first game back he was torched my Chris Paul. When I called my friend GB4 he reminded me that Chris Paul torches everyone so don't read too much into it. For some reason Kidd always kills the Bulls and last night was no exception. However I don't think that this trade will have them hoisting a trophy this summer. So Mark.

However the Lakers are another story. I am almost afraid to see how they look when Andrew Bynum returns from injury. I think the trade for Gasol who seems rejuvenated since hitting LA puts them over the top. I would not be surprised to see Kobe holding a NBA Finals MVP trophy along with another championship trophy. Way to go Mitch

And finally the Bulls; good job getting rid of Big Ben. I think that Larry Hughes may be trade bait this summer or maybe the insurance policy for Ben Gordon's likely departure. I do like Drew Gooden however the 4 teams in 5 years worries me. But nonetheless good job Pax

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