Friday, February 8, 2008

Random Friday thoughts

First off the Bulls:

Last night the Bulls beat the Golden State Warriors. This makes me happy and they did it with their supposed big three of Gordon, Hinrich and Deng on the bench. It makes me wonder if they have quit on this team and that is why they are not winning. This raises the question if they have maybe they're the problem. Also I don't want to see Joe Smith playing forty three minutes we need to develop Noah and Thomas.

Second This week in politics:

The darling of the far right Mitt Romney has abandon his presidential campaign. I am not sure why they found him so appealing. Personally I like him for his talk on the economy because I think that is a huge issue. I didn't mind his middle of the road positions he espoused while governor. What my issue was he was trying to be something he was not and that is Mr. Conservative. I hate to tell the social conservative types but gay marriage is not the defining issue of our time; we have an economy that is on the verge of recession, a war in Iraq that seems to be never ending and a resurgence of Russia as a major power and China emerging as a super power as well.

And finally just because it is Friday and I like Chuck

I am hoping that the writers strike ends soon I am growing tired of reality TV and I want to see new episodes of Chuck.

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