Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We live in interesting times

First off Sports:

Pitchers and catcher report to spring training! This is a time where hope reigns all teams have World Series aspirations however the season starts and those dreams of October glory are replaced with April reality. In Chicago you are familiar with the Cubs mantra of this year is our year! 2008 is the one hundred year anniversary of their last World Series victory. We will see they failed to address holes in the rotation following Big Z and Lilly. The White Sox have some question marks in their rotation as well. However with Roger Clemens on Capital Hill this may overshadow those four glorious words.

Second Politics:

Obama sweeps the Potomac primaries. I believe he has cemented his status as the Demovratice frontrunner. However I think the super delegates will determine the fate of the race. I think that the Democratic powers that be have different thoughts than the Democratic electorate. Which would be a shame, I hear people say McCain; who also swept the Potomac states, would be a third Bush\Cheney administration. My question is what would a Hillary administration be?

And finally TV:

The writers strike seems to be over so hopefully we will see new TV soon.

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