Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dear Abby asks TDizzle to help with answer readers questions part 2

Abby asked for help with this one.

DEAR ABBY/TDizzle: Call me confident, but I know I am a real catch. But for the life of me, I can't get a date with the "right" kind of guy.
Abby, I am beautiful inside and out. I was raised in a great family with good morals, I'm kind to everyone, I've got a killer personality, great sense of humor, an inspiring attitude, and the glass is always half-full.
This may seem cocky, but my two problems with men are: I seem to attract creeps, and the kind of men I deserve don't think they've got a shot in hell, so they don't ask me out.
Most of the dates and relationships I've had have happened because I asked the other person out. I've been in two major relationships with very attractive, bright men, and I'd like to experience that again.
I'm so sick of meeting creeps! I really want someone in my league. I've been told a thousand times that I'm gorgeous, stunning, or asked why I'm not modeling. Yesterday someone called me Miss America. I'm well-read and in tune with the arts, smart and funny. Where are the male equivalents? -- DATELESS 23-YEAR-OLD

Dear Dateless: Someone should take the pedestal you’ve placed yourself on and beat you with it.
The description you’ve given of yourself is one of the girls who everyone hates in high school; the overachieving cheerleader/soccer tramp/spoiled kid. Your killer personality translates to boring dipshit and inspiring attitude I read as an ass kisser who tries to use her “catch” status to make points at work without sleeping with their boss. He does not want the inspiration he wants you!

You attract creeps because you are one. The attractive and bright men know a time honored secret passed on from man to man; no matter how good lucking you are; or perceive yourself to be, someone is sick of putting up with your shit. I hope this helps


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