Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Unit

It appears that in Tuesdays episode titled Play 16 Hector's death appears to be legitimate. As I read on the Internet fellow conspiracy minded people pointed out the lack of blood from Hector's wound. We later find out that it struck his spine and lodged in his chest. After the team arrived at the beach we see Jonas ordering Brown and Mack out so he could take care of business. Jonas then set about on his mission of atonement that was Biblical in scale. He marches into a rival terrorist factions HQ to find the person responsible for his comrades death. He then devises a plan and executes it. Jonas was double crossed in the meantime but is still able to rain death and destruction on two terrorist cells. Jonas ,the warrior monk, knew what was in store for him and yet he still walked into it in order to avenge his fallen comrade. I think it is quite possible that Jonas Blane is one of the horsemen of the Apocalypse joined by teammate Mack Gerhardt and Jack Bauer. With those two by his side there in no need for a fourth horsemen. We then see a more human side to the surviving team members preparing to say good bye to a fallen comrade. I still have suspicions that Col Ryan had something to do with it. But we had a glimpse into the personal side to Ryan when he places the bullet in the box on his shelf. I think that this demonstrates the burden of military command. I really thought that the episode was very good. On a down note I watched the episode via and I was a little disappointed with the software platform they use for full episodes replay. I watched it at work and it was choppy and disjointed.

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