Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Unit

This is hands down one of my favorite shows. The cast is led by Dennis Haysbert who you may know as President David Palmer from another favorite of mine 24. Haysbert plays CSM Jonas Blane who leads a team of elite special operatives on missions around the globe. Also on this team is MSG Mack Gerhardt played by Max Martini, he was in Saving Private Ryan as well as The Great Raid. My friend Greg and I debate who is the baddest of the two; I've always leaned towards Mack because his character has a sort of hillbilly abandon, drink up, kick ass, kill and worry about it later. On the other hand Blane is more of the warrior scholar or monk. This show appeals to be because of my time in the military and it has a ton of violence and action. If you remember from my post about a new favorite Chuck this is high on my list.

Last nights episode a member of Blane's team was killed. This sparked a serious debate last night between myself and my friend Greg. In the previous episode one of the team members, Hector Williams, discovered their commanding officer Col. Tom Ryan had rekindled his affair with Mack's wife. Well lo and behold Hector gets killed by a sniper. It is unknown whether or not he told anyone of his discovery. Well Greg and I treated this like a conspiracy. First off Mack's wife is a ho, and for those of you who don't know there is no 12 step program for ho's. This affair between her and Ryan is nothing new and it is odd that one week after Williams discovering it he is dead. I began to wonder here you have an elite team of spec ops soldiers and all you do is fire one shot? Plus there was at least another squad of soldiers that came to extract them. This is what is called in military terms a target of opportunity. I am not sure if this was a conspiracy or an ironic incident but I do know one thing from the previews of next weeks show Blane is going to become and finger of God and is going to rain death and destruction upon those who killed his friend.


Powermoves said...

fosheezy my neezy

Juanita's Journal said...

I had forgotten that another American unit was there to assist Blane and his men. I wonder if this had anything to do with Colonel Ryan . . . and Hector.

TDizzle said...

That was my point. If you notice one of the team members usually stays behind in the TOC. And remember the helicopter being shot down too? I wonder if Ryan thinks he has to kill them all to keep his secret