Thursday, November 8, 2007

Unsure of parenting job

Last night my oldest daughter and I were driving home from the chiropractor when we came up behind a honey wagon. What is a honey wagon you ask? The name is misleading as you will see. In Iowa there are a lot of hog confinements. Their waste is gathered in a pit and these honey wagons collect it and farmers then spray it on their fields for fertilizer. To say that these smell is probably an understatement. When we approached and the smell hit us we looked at each other and we both busted into the scene from Anchorman where Brian Fantana and Ron Burgundy are discussing Brian's cologne choice. We both open with "that is a formidable odor, it stings the nostrils". We both had a good laugh then she ups the ante with "sixty percent of the time it works every time". I was happy that she has inherited my twisted sense of humor, however I wondered what kind of parent raises a child who quotes Anchorman? Another of her favorites is The Office diversity day episode. I guess I can only wait and see

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