Friday, November 9, 2007

The Unit conspiracy theory surrounding Hector's death

This came to me yesterday during a moment of work avoidance. As I mentioned in a previous post my buddy Greg and I discussed a possible conspiracy well yesterday the light clicked on. If you remember the first two episodes this season Blane's A-team was on the run after being framed by the CIA. Col Ryan was testifying before a congressional panel about the units actions when his wife intervened on his behalf. The discovery of the floating prison run by a private military company was exposed and Ryan's wife was trying to get him to see the light about who really runs this country and how she could help him. I began to wonder if Ryan went off the deep end after Hector's discovery of he and Tiffy at the motel? He contacts his wife begs for help and she helps him because she is a cold blooded back stabber but is happy because he is doing what it takes to protect his career finally. And then has her "friends" arrange for Blane's team to run into obstacles during their extraction and if that fails take out Hector. What Ryan has done in military circles is a serious crime that can be prosecuted under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and he knows that along with that will come loss of his command and the respect of his peers. If you ask me that is enough to drive him to eliminate Hector and if need be the whole team.

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