Friday, November 16, 2007

I need satellite radio

Every morning I drive to work and I am forced to listen to horrible radio because there is no alternative. Every station has some idiotic morning show that hurts to listen to. On Thursday nights I am taking a class and it ends at 9:30PM. On the way home last night I was thumbing through the stations and there was absolutely nothing to listen to. Then I was surprised then the radio stopped on 95 KGGO and I heard Twisted Sister's "Were not going to take it" and I was so happy I could not believe it. That song an anthem to me in the 80's. I began to reminisce about my old jean jacket with the Twisted Sister pin along with my Quiet Riot pin and the trinity was completed with the Def Leppard pin. Then some idiot starts talking stupid over the song I almost drove off the road. I could not believe it. I began to think that Iowans just don't care they have been beaten into submission and gleefully accept mediocrity. They should be angry and rage against the hand of oppression that causes them to accept things like horrible DJ's and bad fashion. It reminds me of the South Park episode where the kids found the man in the ice and one of the first comments was "he is wearing Eddie Bauer, we have not seen that in at least three years". They end up sending him to Des Moines because they think it is three years behind the rest of the country. The image of a large stone in a river comes to mind, the raging river will eventually grind the stone down to a mere pebble, this is what has become of the radio listeners here in Iowa. This is long winded way of saying I need satellite radio

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