Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Interview with Charlie Weis

TDizzle: Thanks for meeting with me coach.
CW: No problem TDizzle.
TD: I am not going to beat around the bush this season is a total failure 2-9. I don't think that the alumni are going to stand for that. I had a boss who was a ND alumnus and during a meeting some tool trying to kiss up to him asked a question about ND football. Our boss was named Blair went on about 9-2 was expected and a bowl game was expected every year. Of course Blair was an asshole, which is to be expected if you were named Blair, and could not get into ND today if his life depended on it. I guess the question in all of this is do you feel like you let people like him down?
CW: 2-9 is misleading. We were in a lot of those games.
TD: Really your first three games, Ga.Tech, Penn State and Michigan, the total scores were 102-13. My degree is not in math but that adds up to an ass kicking. Then you go on to lose to MSU and my beloved Purdue. The points total was still 64-33 and then your first win against UCLA. Is it because all of Ty Willinghams' recruits are gone?
CW: We do not speak his name around here.
TD: Isn't that from Harry Potter?
CW: I thought I heard that somewhere before.
TD: This leads to my next question, are you overrated as a coach?
CW: Overrated is such a strong word. Sure at New England I had more tools but they didn't play the quality of opponents we play here. Come on this year alone we had Navy, Air Force, Duke and Stanford this week.
TD: Are you saying that those teams are better than Pittsburgh and Indianapolis? Or the Bears for that matter. The last quarterback in Navy's history to beat you was Roger Staubach! I cannot help to wonder if your success was due to Bill Belichick?
CW: Yes, I would agree with that assessment. Bill may fare better than me against the ships, tanks and airplanes.
TD: What are you talking about? I appreciate you candor though. It takes a big person to admit they are overrated but hey you just signed an extension until 2015. You will be driving assholes like Blair and the other mouth breathers well into the next decade so buck up there Charlie!
CW: It has been a pleasure TDizzle.
TD: Especially from this side of the table.

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