Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random TV thoughts

First off the Unit

The team deploys on one of the first post Hector era missions to stop an assassination. Prior to deployment Bob has a crisis of conscience and begins to see past kills. He goes as far as seeing the chaplain who himself is a former shooter for the unit. Bob is having a hard time differentiating the difference between murder and killing. This comes to a head once the team is deployed to Macedonia and Bob almost blows the mission. He confides in Jonas who tells him they have all faced this and he needs to get passed it. Bob does not let the team down and once the mission is over and they return to post he tells Jonas that he enjoys the job. I thought that this episode showed a human element to elite soldiers who are often perceived as mindless automatons.

Next is one of my new favorite shows Chuck

Chuck has been picked up for a full season! The rumor was that the writers strike was endangering the status of this show. I really enjoy this show, I know that is obvious, but the last few episodes have been great. If you have missed them check out YouTube and And finally Life has been picked up as well. This show is headlined by Damian Lewis; he is a British actor who also headlined HBO's Band of Brothers. Once again if you have missed it check it out on or YouTube

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