Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanks Bears

The Bulls were dredful this weekend. I think that this team has quit on Scott Skiles and Saturday we were definately the losers in the Eddy Curry deal. I liked Eddy and I hated to see him go however I think other than the heart issue he could not get along with Skiles ditto for Tyson Chandler. I would take either of them over Noah. The weekend was not a total loss the Bears rescued it for me. That was the best game I've seen in a while. Rex looked competent and Hester ran back a punt and a kickoff. If it were not for him this game would have been ugly


Powermoves said...

will you puhleeeeassseee
stop bitching about Tyson and Chandler?

BlogTrotter said...

The Bears were AWESOME!!! It was the best game I have seen this season!!!!