Thursday, October 25, 2007

Two old friends reconnecting

CF: Pick up the phone already

CA: Hello.

CF: Hey Steve it's me Kirk.

CA: How are you doing? How are things in Hawkeye Nation (giggling)?

CF: Rough. Since you left town everyones ire is directly on me. These people expect me to actually win they're not buying this building for the future shit anymore. Did you see what Purdue did to us?

CA: That was rough my friend. It is nice to be here in New Mexico the only things hot here is the sun. I am tan and playing a little golf, talking at some alumni events getting free meals and things like that.

CF: Obviously none of them have heard of your history here in Iowa City. Man talk about the good ole days, walk around high fiving and fist bumping these morons, talk in coachspeak using words like synergy, cohesion bringing back the Hawkeye pride. I envy you.

CA: I am truly blessed my friend.

CF: Still running off at the mouth about that too? If people only knew!

CA: That is the beauty! They don't. Talk about resurrection! I figure it took them seven years to get sick of me in Iowa. Seven years here and I'll be in my early fifties then I can do TV. That's when the big bucks start rolling in.

CF: You're such a tool. Maybe I should start recruiting low lives like you did? Does Pierre Pierce have any brothers or cousins? Hopefully the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

CA: I beat you to them.

CF: Bastard. What am I supposed to do?

CA: Nothing just roll with it, I did. Follow the Alford scorched earth program and I promise you will land on your feet somewhere else probably making more money than you are now.

CF: Thanks Steve! Give my best to the wife and kids!

CA: You too!

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