Friday, October 19, 2007

Coach Chizik meets with his life coach part 2

TD: Coach; are you in here?
CC: I am in the corner.
TD: Are you sucking your thumb? Is that your Texas security blanket?
CC: Coach Brown is that you? It was all a bad dream! I am back in Austin thank God! I dreamt I was at Iowa State and you ran the score up on me even though you said you wouldn't. Colt was majestic in that game thrashing their defense, throwing precise passes to our receivers. He even scored on our first possession because their defense crumbled! Oh thank you!
TD: This is worse than I thought. Coach you are at Iowa State; that really happened. let me turn on the light in here.
CC: Oh no! What did I do to deserve this? How did I think that I could turn this program around? Did you see how happy Coach McCarney looks at USF?
TD: Settle down coach. It's not that bad. Things are looking up.
CC: They are?
TD: No not really I just was searching for something to say. I got nothing. Sorry to piss in your punch but you play Oklahoma this weekend.
CC: They're going to kill us! If Texas beat us 56-3; what are they going to do? How an I going to convince anyone to come here if I can't be competitive? I am calling Coach Brown to see if he will take me back.
TD: PUT DOWN THE PHONE. Is this the first time you have had a team that could not stop my grandmother in her walker? Come to think if it it probably is; maybe you should send flowers to him too.
CC: Good idea.

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