Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Thanks Isiah

I guess you can say I hate the Knicks. Their roster sucks I've not seen this much manure since I cleaned out my horses stalls. Don't get me wrong Isiah has drafted some good talent in the past but man James Dolan must be an idiot. Let's see you have Marbury, Crawford and Q at guards they play no D and will shoot at will from the bench if you let them. Davind Lee is decent at forward I am interested to see how the brother from DePaul , as Spike Lee called him on draft night, Wilson Chandler does because Isiah can identify talent and harass women. Then he trades away Channing Frye for Zach Randolph. Every team needs an overweight psychopath who plays no defense on their team. Pair him with the lazy, overweight player with a heart problem and you have quite a line up. Who will rebound? Curry can if he would just jump. And now you throw in the sexual harassment verdict. What will Isiah do for an encore? How can he top this? Only time will tell

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