Monday, October 8, 2007

Long long weekend

The baseball season for me is over. I don't really care about any of the remaining teams I would like to see the Indians get stomped other than that it's over. I have not listened to much radio this weekend but I am sure that I will hear this phrase before too long from some Cubs fans, "it was a great season". NO NO NO only one team will have a great season and it will be the one who hoists the trophy over their heads in a few weeks. So what you went from 66 wins to 85 we spent like a drunken sailor on shore leave. You needed to win it all. There were a few positives on the season. One Ted Lilly was a good signing but let's see what he does next season. De Rosa was a good signing too. He played four positions this year. Finding out what you had in Theriot were all positives. Well on to the negatives. Soriano, we paid this guy what $136 million for a guy who will only bat leadoff, can't hit a curve ball and realistically has not gotten any better since we came to the bigs. He has a career .216 BA in the playoffs, you have a leadoff hitter in Theriot but no you over spent on Soriano. I want him to run out of the batters box maybe take a pitch or two. I am afraid next time he takes one of those huge swings and misses he is going to drill himself into the ground. In August when he pulled up like Barbaro at the Preakness I was hoping he was done for the year but it was not meant to be. He is not the only reason the Cubs lost Lee and Ramirez decided not to show up either. None of the big three showed up this series matter of fact these three are the new Wood and Prior.

On a lighter side the Bears won. It was the first game I've seen from coin toss to heroic Favre interception in the endzone with time expiring. Next time I have to watch a Packers game in Lambeau I hope they do not scan the crowd. Wisconsin ,besides being a leading dairy producer, produces some ugly people. No wonder they drink so much it is the only way to avoid the mass plague of ugliness I'll bet the cows would drive themselves to the slaughter house to avoid seeing that for another day. I've spent significant time in Wisconsin, I was going to go to grad school in Wisconsin and yet I did not notice it, maybe it is localized to Green Bay. Time will tell

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