Monday, October 22, 2007

I hate you Chris Berman

Dear Chris;

This morning I turned on ESPN hoping to see some highlights from the Bears vs. Eagles game; you see I live in Iowa and that game was not the Fox game in my area it was the Cowboys vs. Vikings. I listened to the game over the internet but I missed the final few minutes because my wife had brought dinner home and we were eating. Afterwards I went to my Chicago Sports website and I see that they had won. I digress well anyway like I said I turned on ESPN and you were going on about New England who beat Miami handily. Then you went on and called Tom Brady handsome and well dressed. If you like him that much it is okay, people are much more accepting these days. Maybe he feels the same about you! The two of you could live happily ever after. All I wanted to see was the final drive? That was a gut check, a season changing drive instead I had to watch you profess you love of Tom Brady. I hope you choke on him; aimless wander into traffic or any one of a hundred painful things.

Yours truly

T Dizzle

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