Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Random thoughts

I have read that many Christian Conservatives want to start a third party because they are unhappy with the crop of Republican candidates. I think that introducing morality into polictics is a bad mix. Much like Vince McMahon's foray into professional football. I think that the GOP needs to focus on a candidate who can bring together a fragmented party and appeal to the wider base of voters. As a country we cannot have another administration who only appeals to a small portion of the electorate. I will admit I voted for Bush but I really wonder why. I'm a man without a party; the left scares me because of their naive approach to issues. If we pull out of Iraq it will be viewed as weakness. The Second World War ended in 1945 we still have troops in Germany and Japan; the Korean War ended in 1953 we still have troops in S. Korea. We will be in Iraq for a generation. Then there is health care. How will we pay for universal health care? Then the far right scares the shit out of me look what they have done! Need I say more?

Props to K-Fed. Guys have been stuck for years losing custody of their kids and paying child support out their noses. All you had to do was marry a skank father a few kids and now you are set for life. Both in the monetary and sexually transmitted disease categories.

I like the matchup with Zambrano starting the first game tomorrow vs. Webb. He pitches better away from Wrigley. So I am seeing a glimmer of hope Lilly will pitch the second game which I feel more comfortable with. Game three is where I start to worry I would rather see Hill go in that game. I think if it goes to a fourth game Z will pitch that one and game five would be Lilly on full rest. The D-Backs have a better record in one run games and maybe better defensively so it will be interesting.

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