Monday, October 22, 2007

Post game questions with Coach Ferentz

TD: Thanks for taking my questions today coach.

CF: No problem Tom.

TD: Tough loss today to the Boilermakers. It seemed like a letdown especially since that emotional win against Illinois last week. Any thoughts?

CF:That was tough. And coming to play here in West Lafayette is tough. But boy letdown is a tough word. I think we played them closer than the final score dictates.

TD: Really? Curtis Painter threw the ball where ever he wanted completing 29 of 48 passes for 315 yards and three touchdowns. You were down by eleven at the half. Then you came out stale to start the second half finally getting a field goal. Then you had Purdue on a third and twelve and your vaunted defense allowed a 33 yard touchdown from Painter to Bryant. Walk me thru that, no pressure on the QB? Then you have a good return and Purdue's horrible defense caused you to punt.

CF: Those are all valid points you make. But the game looks different from the sidelines then it does on TV.

TD: On TV it looked like an asskicking.

CF:We have four games left and lets see where we go from here.

TD: Yes MSU, Minnesota, Northwestern and Western Michigan those could be four wins and a possible bowl bid. Is that what you need to keep you job?

CF: Whoa let's not get out of hand with the expectations here. All you guys want to talk about is expectations. Can we win those? Sure; but if I say that fans are going to want it and maybe even demand it. That is a lot of pressure to put me under.

TD: That is why you get paid the money. The fans and alumni expect you to field an elite program and bowl victories. Not just crappy bowls either. That begs the question, are you on the hot seat?

CF: I believe the Dolphins are on the phone for me.

TD: They just hired a new coach

CF: I mean the Falcons.

TD: I think they just hired a coach too, so did Arizona, Pittsburgh and the Raiders.

CF: Crap.

TD: Well I'll leave you to think about your failing the alumni and Hawkeye faithful.

CF: Great talking to you

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