Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A bit of nostalgia

Last evening I was listening to some lyrical poetry provided by Milli Vanilli and began to reminisce about my younger days in particular the late eighties to early nineties. To say I did a lot of stupid things would be an understatement it would like saying water is wet. Back then I only had two goals, one was to have a secretary and the second was to have a camaro. The rest was only a means to accomplish these goals. I had my blue and gray denim jacket and I probably could have passed for Ralph Macchio's little brother, I probably used that line at Wright's Barnyard a few times. Do I have any regrets? No not really. Would I change anything? That is a loaded but moot question. Maybe my decision to try to swim to Michigan to avoid the Hammond Police Department at a beach party was not too smart but it makes for a great story.

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