Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Office

I am a huge fan of this show however I am a little worried about Jim and Pam dating. In the past many shows were ruined when a relationship became part of the storyline. When this line of thought came to mind I went to and my worries were verified; a list of shows that "jumped the shark" were as follows:

Cheers- Sam and Diana started dating
Frasier-Niles and Daphne
Northern Exposure-Joel and Maggie
Moonlighting-Dave and Maddie

Other shows that were bad to begin with:
Friends-Ross and Rachael, Chandler and Monica. I personally hated this show from the get.
The Nanny-Fran and Maxwell. If they wanted to improve this show they would have killed off Fran.

Anyway I hope this show does not follow suit.

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