Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Coming out of the closet.

I am a closet Cubs fan. I have spend man a losing season watching Chicago baseball on both sides of town. I remember as a kid watching Chet Lemon and Ralph Garr play at old Comiskey, sitting in the picnic area while my dad heckled Ralph after a few beers. I saw Reggie Jackson play there along with Carl Yastrzemski play at Comiskey too. On the North side I have many similar memories seeing Sandberg play his final game there, being the only round eye in attendance when Hideo Nomo came to town and watching Zambrano pitch against Pettitte when the Yankees came to town. I want to see the Cubs win I think they may have more talent than the Diamondbacks but I am not sure it will happen. I believe that this doubt is Cublike and in turn makes me a Cubs fan. So to my coworkers who have long suspected this I am confessing.

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