Friday, January 25, 2008

This week in politics

This week we saw two candidates drop out of the presidential race. One of them; Fred Thompson; I don't think was ever in it and Dennis Kucinich who had no chance whatsoever. The problem with Fred was that there was so much build up to him entering the race and then he joins the race and does absolutely nothing. I believe part of the problem was people expected him to be like his on screen persona and he was nothing like that. People tried to build him up as the next Ronald Reagan and he failed to deliver on that as well.

The Florida primary is coming up as well as the South Carolina Democratic primary. The Florida primary is being billed as the one will determine a frontrunner in both parties leadning into Super Tuesday. Rudy has placed all of his eggs in this basket if he is to remain a viable candidate he will have to win in Florida.

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