Friday, January 11, 2008

More random Bulls thoughts

In todays Chicago Sun Times columnist Jay Mariotti's column about the Bulls sums up their situation. They need a coach and a superstar. He mentions Jeff Van Gundy who I think would be a great coach and has finals and playoff experience so he will not be out coached in the fourth quarter of games. And the rumor has it Pax has talked with Houston about Tracy McGrady. According to ESPN trade machine McGrady makes $18,257,750 a year the package would have to include Wallace and Duhon or someone like Thabo, Gordon and Noah and maybe even a pick. Or it could possibly be Hinrich and Noce however I doubt this scenario gives the Rockets enough to bite. The only issue I have with McGrady is health he has been called "half man, half a season". If we dealt Wallace that would open the floor for the development of Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah who I believe are the future. This may allow us to move Deng to the shooting guard position and play McGrady at small forward with Noah and Thomas splitting time at the four and move Joe Smith to center. Then Gordon comes off the bench for Hinrich and Thabo for Deng. However this probably will not come to pass even though the Rockets are playing better without McGrady. Toronto is also looking to trade for a point guard due to the injury of TJ Ford however I think this is unlikely because one they are in our division and in the playoff hunt and two the only thing on their roster that would be of interest to the Bulls is Chris Bosh and that is a pipe dream.

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