Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Hampshire Primary

My friend GB4 had a post on his website ( from a blogger named Jay Smooth about Obama's win in Iowa. Now I live in Iowa but I did not caucus. Anyway Jay Smooth goes on to say in this video post that people are not honest with themselves when they say that they are ready to vote for a Black man to be president and they fall back into their comfort zone. I believe that is what happened in New Hampshire the last few days people told the pollsters they were going to vote for Obama and when they got into the voting booths they fell back into their comfort zones. I am tired of the imperial presidency we had four years of G.H.W. Bush then eight years of Bill Clinton followed by eight more of G.W. Bush. Do we want four to eight more of another Clinton? Do we remember the scandals of the Clinton years? I tend to be more conservative and in 1992 I voted for Clinton because I felt he had a message of change and I was excited. I am feeling that way about Obama too because I think he would bring a new voice to politics however I am afraid we are not ready as a nation to bring about this change and it would be a shame because we deserve better. You can see Jay Smooth's video on his blog .

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