Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa Caucuses

I am glad that they are over. For months I've been pestered incessantly by the various politicians to vote for them. If thy had just left me alone I might have actually caucused however the Bulls were on TNT last night and I thought to myself which was more important? The Bulls won that contest. I think that the caucus is overblown and in reality Mike Huckabee, the Republican winner, has no chance whatsoever of winning the nomination let alone the presidency. I like Huckabee but I would not vote for him, Obama on the other hand I think has a better chance to be the Democratic nominee. If he can carry over some momentum going into New Hampshire and then into Super Tuesday he has a very real chance of defeating Hillary. On the Republican side I am not so sure. I had predicted a Giuliani/Huckabee ticket and I think that in the long run Rudy will pull it out. There are too many question marks among the other candidates Thompson will be out after next Tuesday and may not even be awake, Paul is a nut case, Romney is a Republican John Kerry, and Huckabee would just get shredded in the general election. If Huckabee somehow does pull this off Obama or Hillary; one of these two will win the Democratic nod, may as well start looking at new drapes for the Oval Office. This leaves McCain and Rudy. If it is McCain I get the feeling it will be Dole 96 all over again, the I've been around forever you owe this to me campaign. Rudy may not be perfect but I believe he is the Republicans best choice.

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