Monday, January 28, 2008

Super Bowl XLII thoughts

I won't actually be going to the Super Bowl but nonetheless I do have some thoughts on it. Much has been made of Tom Brady being seen in the walking boot and how this may derail the perfect season they've had thus far. I think that Brady is the least of their concern their linebacker core is not made up of spring chickens anymore. And second they should have probably lost at a minimum the Ravens game and to the Giants in week seventeen. There are probably more that I did not see but when the going got tough the referees started throwing flags. At times I thought the NFL was trying to help the Patriots stay perfect.

This brings me to the Giants. The Manning family gets plenty of grief here in bloggerdom and I had spent some time thinking this weekend that maybe Eli is the better of the two. He is in his fourth season and Peyton was in his ninth; I believe; before he made it to the Super Bowl. I noticed a couple of times during the season when Eli seemed to take the bull by the horns and deliver when his team needed him the most. During the Bears game he led them down field in the fourth quarter. He certainly didn't lose the Patriots game and then in OT against the Packers when he led them into field goal range a third time before his kicker sealed the deal. I am smelling an upset here.

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