Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Congratulation Mitt! Romney wins Michigan

I have to admit when Mitt came on the scene I kind of liked him. Some of his positions on social issues were similar to mine and I liked his record in business and thought to myself this is someone I could vote for. However what I didn't care for was his shift to try to become the poster boy for the social conservatives. I didn't and still don't care that he is Mormon; I have a lot of friends who are Mormon and they are all decent and hard working people. I know that sounds a lot like what people say when they are confronted with charges of racism but it is true. When my wife was in graduate school a number of her classmates were from the Church of LDS and talked to me about their beliefs and misconceptions about their beliefs. Anyway I've felt for a long time that we need someone fresh with fresh ideas and a record of success in something other than politics. The social conservatives will have you believe that gay marriage and Mexican immigration are the greatest threat to us as a country. If that is what you believe I want to live in your world. We have American businesses that are being rescued by overseas investors, the sub prime mortgage situation, a hostile Russia and emergence of China as a superpower, the Iraq mess that our current administration has us in when we should be concentrating on Afghanistan and Pakistan I could go on. When there is a true lack of leadership in this country we need someone to emerge who appeals to all Americans not the fringes and crackpots. Can Mitt be this man? Can Obama be that man? Time will tell, all I know is I am tired of the lack of leadership in this country; I want someone to stand up take the reins and lead not give me more tired rhetoric.

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