Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 A year of Chicago Sports disappointment

It all started with the Bears loss to Indianapolis in the Super Bowl from there we went to the NBA playoffs. Which in retrospect I was pleased with the sweep of Miami and for a fleeting moment thought we may beat the Pistons but it was not to be. Then came baseball season and it was bad. The Sox stunk and then we get beat out for every free agent in the world even Aaron Rowand would not come beck to the South Side. Then to top it off when Detroit trades for Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis Kenny Williams says "Detroit is in a better position to compete with us". Kenny you will always have a special place with me because we will always have 2005 but the clock is ticking. Everyone in our division has gotten better and all you have done is traded a great starter, Garland for a shortstop who is at the age where their skills start to diminish. This brings me to the Cubs. Jim Hendry says Fukodome is the missing piece to the puzzle. What? You have a starting rotation that has one stud Zambrano, a good pitcher in Lilly and three question marks. I predicted that they would be swept in the playoffs and I was right Jimmy I think you may need to rethink that. Then football season began and we expected the Bears to be back at it but we fell to the curse of the Super Bowl losers. We trade Thomas Jones and find out that Cedric Benson could not produce we knew Grossman could not produce, the defense gets banged up and our offensive line needs to be fitted for walkers. Now we have basketball season again and the Bulls who some have predicted to win the Eastern Conference are not playing up to expectations. They are only two games back from the eigth seed but I think we expected better than this. The players get Skiles fired and they get the predicted shot in the arm that comes with a new coach but they need to turn it around now if they want to get into the playoffs. Anyway I am depressing myself so I will end it here.

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