Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Bulls

I did not see the game last night because it was not televised here in the Hawkeye state but from what I've read I didn't miss much. From Jim Boylan's comments it sounds like this team has quit on him too. I think that Boylan needs to go; no more experiments. Next Wallace need to make way for Noah; he needs to move into the starting lineup along with Sefolosha permantly as well. There have been a lot of trade scenarios that have been floated one name that has not come up is Andrei Kirilenko. He has not rescinded his trade demand and we could possibly send Wallace or Noce and Tyrus along with a pick or cash. Anything to change the makeup of this team. This off season resign Deng and if Gordon wants to sign the qualifying offer and become a free agent the next off season God bless see you around. I think a line up of Hinrich, Thabo, Deng, AK47 and Noah would be a good fit. A guess we will see if Paxson pulls the trigger on this or any trade to try and shake up this team.

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