Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Random thoughts on the Bulls

I am not surprised by the recent spark they are playing with since the dismissal of Scott Skiles it was to be expected. I am wondering if Jim Boylan will keep the job after this season and if not who are they going to bring in? The unemployed; Rick Carlisle, Jeff Van Gundy and Doug Collins are Skiles like, Hubie Brown is old so who else is there?

Second thought I want to see more of Tyrus Thomas, Noah and Thabo. I think that Thabo will work his way into the two guard position to help take the pressure off of Hinrich guarding taller two guards and will also make up defensively for Gordon when he is on the court with him. Tyrus I think will eventually be the starting power forward he is the most athletic player on a team that lacks athletes. I also think that in the end we will be the winners of the draft day trade. And finally Noah he is growing on me but I think eventually he maybe included in a trade for a post presence which leads me to my last thought...

Trades. I have been playing around on ESPN Trade Machine and I am finding two problems. First off the machine rejects a lot of them due to salary issues; although I was able to get a Noce, Noah and Duhon for Pau Gasol to work. But after looking further at other teams rosters I don't see a whole lot out there to help us; other than problems and bad salaries for cap space. If a team has a young big man who shows any talent whatsoever they are not letting them go for our poo poo platter.

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