Monday, January 14, 2008

I am unfurling the white flag

It is not flying yet but I am getting it ready to go to the dry cleaners. Man this is horrible. You have a team meeting called by Wallace, who does not play hard and Adrian Griffin; who never sees the floor. I am not saying that what Noah did was right but come on who is running this damn team? They are not playing hard, losing to bad teams and make the Knicks look functional. The tail is wagging the dog. You need to break this crap up. Noah needs to play, Thomas needs to play, Thabo needs to get on the court and we need to see our "core" of Hinrich, Gordon and Deng stand up. All we've heard is they are "untouchable" and our "core" well stand up and say something! Show something! If we had just pulled the trigger on the Garnett trade we could very well be leading the Eastern Conference but no. We are in the basement and lottery bound, we deserve better than this

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